The Bachelor: Kelly Flanagan Admits She “Didn’t Equal” Peter Weber


Kelly Flanagan admitted that she “didn’t look at” her ex-boyfriend Peter Weber, the former leader of The Bachelor, when they were dating. Kelly and Peter had an interesting start to their relationship, and fans were surprised to learn that they started even before the show began filming. About a month earlier, Kelly had accidentally spotted Peter at the hotel. She approached him and excitedly informed him that she was going to participate in the show. The couple danced all night before breaking up. Peter didn’t hear from Kelly again until the first night of the show, when she got out of the limo. He was in shock, and for a while Kelly couldn’t tell if he was happy with her or not.

As soon as the two got to know each other better, it became clear to the bachelors that they had an undeniable chemistry. Although, despite being the leaders in the first few episodes, the couple lost steam pretty quickly. Peter sent Kelly home at week 7 as he wasn’t getting “enough” from her. Peter’s season ended in disaster, and although he got engaged to contestant Hannah Sluss, the couple broke up just a few months later. Kelly and Peter remained friends after the season ended, and in April 2020, he confirmed that they were officially dating. They gave countless interviews and seemed to take each other seriously, but in December of the same year, Peter announced that the couple had broken up.

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Kelly stopped by the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast to acknowledge some key things she couldn’t ignore in a relationship: “I could have had fun with him [Peter], but I wanted more of a man I look up to. I just didn’t look at Peter the way I always hoped I would look at my husband.” Although this is a very frank confession, it also doesn’t shock fans who know Pilot Pete. Throughout his time in the series, he did not give the impression of a serious type. And what’s more, Peter was teased for being a “mama’s boy” because he relied too much on his mother’s approval. That may be a plus for some people, but Kelly wasn’t one of them.

In the past, speaking about the breakup, Kelly pointed out that Peter Weber and she were at two different points in their lives. However, now it seems that fans have finally figured out what it really means. “I had it with my brothers and my father when I needed good advice and I was looking for someone to turn to for making important decisions, but with Peter it was just fun and a game.” Not feeling like you can have real conversations with your partner is a serious problem, especially if you’re getting married, as Peter seemed to want to do.

The timeline of Kelly and Peter’s relationship actually makes a lot of sense. The couple had an obvious connection even before “The Bachelor,” but their time on the show was shortened. Until 2020, they were unable to fully unlock the potential of their relationship. Kelly and Peter probably only saw what they were compatible in. It was only when they really started dating that they were able to see what could become a serious problem in their relationship. Fortunately, they didn’t risk everything to try to make it work.