The Bachelor: Elizabeth Corrigan became bisexual


Elizabeth Corrigan from The Bachelor shared with her followers over the weekend that she is bisexual. In May, Elizabeth hinted to fans that she might be in a relationship with Romeo Alexander. Having survived the bullying in season 26 of The Bachelor, Elizabeth is now ready to reveal her true face and accept herself.

During her time on the series, Elizabeth dealt with Shania Ankney, who was a bully in every sense of the word. Fans felt sorry for Elizabeth, as Shanai made fun of her ADHD disorder, often completely ignoring her. A real estate agent from Colorado left without finding love, but perhaps she learned more about herself. Viewers have been following her life since “The Bachelor” on her social media, noting that she leads a luxurious lifestyle. While her updates have been relatively low-key, Elizabeth recently let the cat out of the bag with some important news.

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Over the weekend, the “Bachelor” star shared a colorful post that made fans cheer her up even more. Just at the end of Pride Month, Elizabeth revealed that she was bisexual. Elizabeth posed in jeans and a rainbow T-shirt, with the New York skyline visible behind her. In her message to fans, she admitted that it was difficult to find the right time to tell about her true feelings, noting that she is very excited about the opportunity to experience New York Pride. Elizabeth said she was nervous, admitting that she was worried.

It was important for Elizabeth to be honest with herself and her fans by writing: “I’m queer.” The reality TV star went on to say that she has always been bisexual and always will be. While the moment was a high for Elizabeth, she noted that whenever she tells someone this new information, she feels fear. Elizabeth thinks about the news that cost her business deals or that her own family has banished her. Fortunately, she was welcomed with open arms.

Elizabeth ended her message with a positive moment, telling fans that she hopes she has made one person feel less lonely, and will be there for everyone who needs to reach out. She hopes that one day, if someone is struggling, their fear will turn into pride, just like hers. Fans of “The Bachelor” seemed to take this news calmly and really support Elizabeth and her statement, making it clear that such moments matter. Viewers will be able to keep up to date on Elizabeth’s journey through her social media updates.