The author of thrillers whose books are overdue for a film adaptation


Riley Sager is one of the most talented contemporary authors working in the thriller genre. Each book is filled with well-drawn characters, absolutely creepy settings and, most importantly, huge twists that lead to impressive finales. Seiger burst onto the scene with his debut novel “The Last Girls” in 2017, followed by “The Last Time I Lied” in 2018, “Lock All the Doors” in 2019, “Until Dark” in 2020, “Survive the Night” in 2021 and his latest book “The house is on the other side.” Lake”, which was published in June 2022.

Sager is as prolific as a master of his craft, so the question arises: will his books be adapted for film or television?

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There are several underrated adaptations of Stephen King, and if Riley Sager’s work hit the big or small screen, horror and thriller fans would definitely find something to love. The author had two books for the film adaptation, but fans are still waiting. According to Deadline, in 2017 Universal Pictures chose Final Girls. And in 2020, Sony and 21 Laps chose Home Before Dark, according to Deadline. But since then there has been no news, and fans of Sager’s work are still crossing their fingers that one day they will see these incredible characters and scary stories in the cinema.

Sager’s debut Final Girls definitely looks like it’s a good fit for the movie. The main character, Quincy Carpenter, is literally the final horror girl, as she survived the massacre in which her friends died. When Quincy wonders if she’s been targeted again, she works through a lot of emotions, and it’s a terrific and well-told story. Sager’s second novel, The Last Time I Lied, tells a story in two alternate timelines about a young woman’s stay at a summer camp. It could also be a great movie, as there are a lot of horror movies being shot in the summer.

Sager’s 2021 book “Survive the Night” seems to be the most cinematic and definitely deserves a movie deal. The main character Charlie Jordan, a film student, agrees that a stranger will take him home. As the story continues, she wonders if she can trust him or if he is a murderer. There are no cliches or simple answers here, and this book may be Sager’s best, although all of his books are worth reading.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, Sager shared that he was fired from his job at the New Jersey Star-Ledger, and before that he worked as an editor and reporter for 15 years. Sager told the publication: “It was really hard. However, desperation can be a really great motivator. That’s how I felt at the time. I published a few books under my real name and they didn’t do anything, then I was fired and I literally couldn’t find another job. I applied for a position as a writer in a pet food trade magazine, but I couldn’t find a job. I was so angry and upset, but I got the idea to write a book. My agent liked it and I just wasn’t going to rest until I finished it and then just see what happened. I was just lucky that Final Girls really blew up.”

Sager’s story is full of hope and touching, and he has also been on the New York Times bestseller list several times, which testifies to his talent and manner of speaking. His latest film, “The House Across the Lake,” is a modern version of “Window to the Courtyard,” where Casey Fletcher looks out the window of her family home by the lake all day and sees something shocking and frightening that she begins to explore.

Sager’s books are so good because he’s a master of plot twisting. Sager takes tropes from the thriller and horror genres and adds so many details and so many wonderful characters that it’s impossible to tear yourself away from his books. It has all the classic horror movie sets, from a haunted apartment building to a summer camp full of secrets, and Sager always adds something special so readers don’t think they’ve figured it all out.

In an interview with The Big Thrill, Sager shared that he loves actresses and that this is part of what he thinks about while working on the novel. Sager explained: “The first rule I have when I start writing a book is that if I’m lucky enough to turn it into a movie or TV show, it should provide a killer lead role for the actress—along with some great supporting roles. for other actresses. This is always the goal, and it will never change.”

Fans of Sager’s books definitely want to hear more news and details about the adaptation of Final Girls and Home Before Dark, and we hope that all of his work will be in movies and on television.


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