The author of the list of terminals responds to all the negative reviews about the new Amazon series by Chris Pratt


While Amazon’s Prime Day offerings may be the biggest thing subscribers are excited about this month, the new series of The Terminal List has also made a splash since it hit the streamer. The star, led by Chris Pratt, can be viewed on an Amazon Prime Video subscription, and it has already become a No. 1 hit. That is, at least with its author and fans.

A lot has already been written about Chris Pratt’s new Amazon original series, but one of the important points that the show and its participants tried to emphasize is that the “Terminal List” is grounded and realistic in its action. While critics apparently didn’t find it appealing, putting the show in splat territory, Rotten Tomatoes’ audience score is much better, at 94%. According to former Navy seal and writer Jack Carr, this is due to the current political climate and how it affects things like our entertainment. He said:

This corresponds to everything I understand about modern culture and climate in America right now. It seems that this has caused a lot of criticism.

Regardless of how critics feel about the “Terminal List,” Jack Carr also told THR in the same interview that he extracted one important positive point from the reviews that the show received, which is based on Carr’s book of the same name, published back in 2018. The fans like it, and it is for the fans, according to the author, that the whole project was conceived.

The 95 percent audience rating, the audience rating, is worth it. We didn’t do it for critics. We did it for those in the arena. We made it for soldiers, sailors, pilots and marines who flew to Iraq and Afghanistan, so they could sit on the couch and say, “Hey, these guys did their best.” They made an effort to do something special and make a show that speaks about them.” And this 95 percent rating makes it clear to me that we are at least closer

Since the show hit the schedule, star Chris Pratt, who is not actually called Chris Pratt, has also supported the fan reaction by re-sharing messages from fellow cast members like Alexis Lauder about the fan reaction. Well.

He also separately shared another post from co-star Taylor Kitsch.

Pratt doesn’t just share love on Instagram Stories; he also shared a message with fans on his page detailing how he successfully spent “two years” on the streaming service with “Terminal List” and last year’s big movie “Tomorrow is War,” which also became a No. 1 hit on the streamer and received positive reviews. reviews from fans. He also spoke frankly about the series about seals, making sure that there was no Hollywood nonsense in it.

Ahead of the release of the new Amazon show, Chris Pratt also recently spoke about the online backlash he received after feeling that his ideals had been misinterpreted online, so there was a lot of negative momentum online. Meanwhile, the “Terminal List” is still being discussed on Amazon Prime a few weeks after its release, and some fans are comparing it to other high-octane content on the web, such as Jack Ryan or Jack Reacher. We’ll keep you posted if the series continues into a second season, but it’s worth noting that Jack Carr has written more books based on Pratt’s character, James Rice.