The auction “Better call Saul” offers fans a chance to become the owner of a part of the “Breaking Bad” universe


As “Better Call Saul” nears its finale, dedicated fans of the Breaking Bad universe with deep pockets may just get the perfect opportunity to own a piece of the franchise, and some of the show’s most iconic props and costumes will be auctioned off shortly thereafter. the series is over.

Throughout the six seasons of “Better Call Saul,” like its predecessor, images of props and objects have always been widely used in their frames as part of the series’ intricate narrative, and some of these subjects have been widely covered. In this case, the event is being held thanks to Propstore, a well-known auction house in the entertainment industry, which in the past has also put up for sale some coveted Marvel and Star Wars memorabilia, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber.

Now that “Better Call Saul” will say goodbye to the audience on August 15, the Propstore auction will take place in three days, from August 18 to September 1, in an online format that will allow anyone from around the world to get these collectibles. As for the items in question, there is something that will appeal to most fans, for example, shoes with the tips of Marco Salamanca’s skull, which are expected to cost from $ 1,500 to $2,500, and Jimmy’s mug “The Second Best Lawyer in the World” (the version without bullet holes) in around 2000-3000 dollars. In addition, some Pollos Hermanos merchandising costs from $700 to $900, and Gus Fring’s strict outfit costs at least $1,500.

There are also a few other notable items to be sold, such as Jimmy’s starter kit from his short days at David & Main, Chuck’s antistatic space blanket ($600-800) and some of Jimmy’s many disposable phones ($500-800). 700). These items are among the cheapest props out of 250. Although the money that these objects are expected to bring in is still quite significant in some cases, the status of the prequel “Better Call Saul” offers fans of “Breaking Bad” the opportunity to own collectible props that appeared in the original series, even if these are new recreations of those items in some cases.

Chuck Costas, vice president of marketing at Propstore, emphasized how much it means to host such an event, especially for a series that features so many beloved characters that were not in Breaking Bad, such as Kim Wexler, Tony Dalton’s Lalo Salamanca or Howard Hamlin. Even fans who don’t have the budget to purchase these items can also register for the auction, as each registered person will have a chance to win one of the two gift sets of props used in Better Call Saul, which is certainly a great prize from such a wonderful by-product. which still provides such a stable final season.

The finale of the series “Better Call Saul” will air on August 15, 2022 on AMC.


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