The Ascent Arrives in July for Steam and Game Pass (PC and Consoles)


The Ascent: Developer Neon Giant revealed on Tuesday (18) that The Ascent will arrive on July 29 for Xbox Game Pass (PC and consoles) and Steam.

The Ascent is an isometric shooter with RPG and exploration elements set in the cyberpunk universe of Veles, a metropolis dominated by the Ascent Group, the largest megacorporation on the planet. However, a catastrophic event interrupts the company’s activities and alters all social dynamics, igniting territorial disputes and the advance of criminal waves, and generating a kind of machinery rebellion, which must be fought by a group of insurgents that seek to survive and eliminate threats in the midst of disorder. Check out the trailer below.

In addition to the cooperative function for up to four players – including single player – the game will come with full support for new generation technologies and Xbox Series X players will be able to experience it in its best version, enabling frame rates of up to 60 fps and native 4K resolution.

What are your expectations for The Ascent? Do you intend to play it at launch? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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