The Artist: 3 good reasons to watch this masterpiece!


Disney + has a wide variety of content. Everyone can find their happiness. The Artist should also appeal to many. Here are the reasons.

Disney + has once again hit the nail on the head. By offering The Artist to its subscribers, the platform sees very clearly. But what are the reasons for watching this film?

In recent months, Disney + has been a hit. It must be said that lately, viewers need reassurance.

The current period is very hard. So nothing is more heartwarming than a Disney classic. And that, the platform understood very well. Something to delight everyone then.

But that doesn’t mean Disney + stops renewing itself. And for good reason, new programs are in preparation. Subscribers should therefore be in heaven. So nice !

Indeed, the trailer for Cruella starring Emma stone has already caused a sensation. But that’s not all. It seems then that a live action of Hercules is in preparation.

Thus, all fans of the cartoon will be able to find their favorite characters in flesh and blood. What to make them very happy then. Not bad !

In the meantime, some classics available on Disney + are worth watching. Thus, platform subscribers should not miss out on The Artist. Here are 3 reasons why everyone must watch this movie.

The Artist (Disney +): 3 good reasons to watch this masterpiece!


The Artist has no further proof to show. And for good reason, the film seduced many viewers. It is therefore now on Disney +. Very cool !

A black and white film on silent cinema was then a daring bet. But with Jean Dujardin as the main actor, the idea struck a lot of people.

Valentin, a silent star struggles desperately not to fall into oblivion. Indeed, he is afraid that his art will disappear with the emergence of talking movies. The work is therefore a very nice tribute to cinema.

Indeed, the nostalgic aspect is therefore put forward a lot by this outsider. So it seems that director Michel Hazanavicius hasn’t done things by halves. Full of talent, he was unanimous.

But the big plus of this film available on Disney + is obviously the presence of the handsome Jean Dujardin. It seems then made for the role of Valentine.

In addition, Bérénice Béjo comes in turn to add a touch. Very bubbly, the actress perfectly embodies the character of Peppy.

Thus, the film won the Best Actor Award at Cannes, but also 5 Oscars and 6 César. Enough to make a lot of people jealous then.

Many originally reluctant viewers actually walked out of theaters with stars in their eyes. No more excuses for not watching The Artist. Go to Disney + therefore.


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