The Artful Escape, Analysis. Power Of Music


The Artful Escape: An introspective journey through psychedelic galaxies with the most epic guitar riffs; this is what’s new from Annapurna Interactive for PC and Xbox. The so-called narrative adventures receive a new and striking exponent with The Artful Escape, the first work of the Australian study Beethoven & Dinosaur under the baton of Annapurna Interactive, a video game with a marked musical component that tells us the introspective journey of its protagonist, Francis Vendetti , nephew of the late folk legend John Vendetti. And it is that those who like infinite riffs and solos of electric guitar and even those with a minimum musical sensitivity, will find in this new title for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S a whole celebration of seventies rock, of macro concerts with lasers and smoke and the most powerful rhythms. This is The Artful Escape, a video game that sacrifices the playable part to offer a true psychedelic festival both visually and soundly. We analyze the debut of Johnny Galvatron, singer of the group The Galvatrons, in the field of interactive entertainment.

The Cosmic Journey of Francis Vendetti

But let’s start with the beginning of the score for The Artful Escape, the first video game by the young Australian studio Beethoven & Dinosaur, whose founder, Johnny Galvatron, aims to explore a facet of music that is still unknown to him. And it is that the vocalist and guitar of the rock group The Galvatrons undertook a project with which he wanted to broaden his creative horizons, landing in the video game industry with a work that stands out for its first-rate artistic and audiovisual design. The story of The Artful Escape aims to show the psychedelic journey of an artist in his inner search, dealing with issues such as insecurity, life decisions, internal conflicts or the birth of an alter ego that determines the future of his musical career.

We are Francis Vendetti, nephew of John Vendetti, a folk singer who has left a huge legacy after his death, and who fans hope will continue the successful career of his teacher through his first concert in front of his neighbors in his hometown. , Calypso. Of course, those responsible for it do not hide the inspirations of a work that embraces psychedelia and surrealism without hesitation, with an overwhelming audiovisual display that takes all the leading role in the work. From the Bob Dylan reference for the figure of John Vendetti to the search for personality and character on the stage of so many more seventies glam rock stars, such as David Bowie himself and his famous Ziggy Stardust. In this sense, we can even choose a name and a unique look from hundreds of combinations of clothes, hairstyles, accessories and holographic guitars for Francis on his journey to the so-called Extraordinary Cosmos.

The Artful Escape takes place in strict 2D through platform-style gameplay (although captured in an extremely testimonial way) with combats or challenges in the purest style of the classic game “Simón says …” and numerous hilarious dialogues, with possibilities to choose answers that will have little influence on the development of the adventure beyond unlocking one reaction or another. Although the true protagonism of the first Beethoven & Dinosaur video game is taken by its great setting and the stimulating interpretations that emerge from it. And it is that we will visit all kinds of universes and planets of a cosmos brimming with fiction and utopia along with characters to remember, charismatic, who manage to catch us by the crazy of their existential approaches.


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