The Arrow verse have just turned a fan-favorite hero into their Winter Soldier


Warning! Spoilers for Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight #6 from DC Comics

In the distant future of the Arrow Universe, Mia Queen’s Green Arrow became Marvel’s version of the Winter Soldier from the DC universe. The final chapter of the recent canonical Earth-Prime comics crossover reveals the future fate of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoke’s daughter, as she continues to fight in her father’s old mantle, but with a completely new feature, since her left arm is completely metal.

The recent DC Earth-Prime crossover has again drawn attention to several fan-favorite characters from The CW Arrowverse series. The first five issues of the six-issue miniseries featured numerous heroes, including Stargirl, Superman, Lois Lane, Impulse, XS, Legends of Tomorrow and many others. In each issue, the villain Magog recruits other bad guys into his dark army, which confronts the future heroes of the Arrowverse in the mini-series finale. However, one of the unexpected faces returning in the final issue was Mia Queen, the future Green Arrow of the District of Columbia, whose new image connects her with Marvel’s Winter Soldier.

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In “Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight #6” by Jeff Hersh, Thomas Pound, Will Robson, Alex Sinclair and Tom Napolitano from DC Comics, future heroes from Arrowverse fight Magog and his evil army, and Mia Queen’s Green Arrow makes an unexpected appearance during the final battle. The Queen shows herself to be a valuable fighter in the battle against Magog, as she defends Star City, as her fallen father once did. However, the character has undergone significant changes, since, like Marvel’s Winter Soldier, her left arm is made entirely of metal.

The problem doesn’t explain how Mia Queen’s Green Arrow lost her arm and/or covered it with metal like a Winter Soldier. But a new look reveals a missed opportunity for what could have been in the Arrow Universe. The bold change and how it happened could be explored in the canceled spin-off “Green Arrow and the Canary Islands,” in which Mia Koroleva was to play Catherine mcnarama. Now readers are left to wonder what happened. Just as they are left wondering how Mia’s father, Oliver Queen in the form of a Ghost, somehow returned from the dead.

Regardless of how she got her metal arm, seeing Mia Queen helping her fellow heroes in the future Arrowverse in a canonical comic turns out to be an interesting read. In an unexpected and yet undisclosed way, Green Arrow has become DC’s Winter Soldier, as her metal arm adds a cool new detail to the hero beloved by fans. I hope readers will find out how the Green Arrow got an update in a future Arrowverse story.