The Arm of Guard Adin Ross Broke in a Brutal Arm Wrestling Clip on Twitch


Adin Ross’s security guard, Ant, was left with his arm broken in half in this terrifying stream clip from an arm wrestling match with Zias.

Adin’s security guard has become a regular participant in streams, he is not a streamer himself, but is always on the spot and communicates with Adin and any friends who come.

During the broadcast on January 4, Ant wrestled on his hands with Zias, the two strongest men in the group, who clearly spent a lot of time in the gym, trying to prove once and for all which of them is stronger.

While everyone was having fun and enjoying the battle between them, as soon as he almost lowered Zias’ hand to touch the table, Ant’s hand bounced back with a loud crack, and it was clear to everyone present that his arm had just completely broken.

Warning: Viewer caution is recommended.

You can instantly hear the panic in everyone’s voices when they realize what just happened.

“Oh, what the fuck?” said B Lou after that, and the guard simply stated that he “just broke down.”

In a panic, Adin repeated “No, no, no” several times before hurrying to turn off the broadcast, immediately deleting the video on demand.

Ant himself has not shared anything online yet, but most likely, updates from Ant, Adin or the rest of the team will appear over time.


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