The application that turns celebrities into cryptocurrency


BitClout, the application that turns people interested in cryptocurrencies into tokens on Twitter, has become popular. In the application that allows users with a BitClout account to earn income through their accounts, 15 thousand people have been converted into crypto currency so far. There are quite remarkable names on the platform.

In the platform where Elon Musk, the most prominent name in cryptocurrencies, is in the first place, there are prominent businessmen, artists and politicians such as Bill Gates, Katty Perry and Selene Gomez. However, since the accounts of these names are created automatically on the BitClout platform, many of the famous names do not use their own accounts yet.

Every step you take in BitClout turns into money

As we are used to seeing from the Clubhouse, an invitation is required to enter BitClout. When you find and enter the platform, which is in closed beta, a limited area awaits you. Because you have to pay for every step you take here. For example, you wanted to follow an account or post anything! Then you have to pay.

In addition, it should be noted that you can make payments with Bitcoin by purchasing a BitClout currency with a price of $ 140. It is also possible for you to invest in cryptocurrencies on the platform. For example, you can buy coins from names such as Elon Musk, Obama or Gates.

The fact that the accounts are automatically transferred on the BitClout side brings with it the thought that the platform is fraudulent. However, the founding team promoting themselves as “diamondhands” states that BitClout is not fraudulent. The team also announced its investors in this context.

On the other hand, the team states that social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter do not support content producers.

BitClout allows it to be funded directly by popular names and fans of the community. The platform also lays the foundations for a new crypto social network while solidifying the foundations of its platform with the power of creators and celebrities.