The application is to predict the transmission of covid-19.


The startup MAMBA Labs developed the application Dycovid, for smartphones, which uses the device’s resources to determine if the user had contact with people infected with the new coronavirus, alerting them to a possible contagion.

Contact tracking

The Dycovid app has a feature called “contact tracing” or contact tracking, which uses the features of Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and the sound of the cell phone to identify if there was contact between two or more users of the application.

In this way, the app indicates three levels of possible contagion by covid-19, based on the length of time that this contact remains, and the proximity in which it occurred.

If any user of the application tests positive, this information can be added to the software, which will make an analysis of the history of the previous 14 days, and will issue risk alerts to other individuals who had contact with the contaminated, classified according to proximity. and exposure time.

Some companies in Pernambuco are already using the application and reaping its benefits for a more safe and quiet return to activities. In this case, in case of risk of infection, both the company and the employee are notified.

MAMBA Labs has made packages with special plans available for these companies. For each access purchased for employees, the startup grants three logins for non-employee citizens, in order to expand the application’s reach network and its efficiency.

“We were able to help the government and private companies to carry out selective isolation of people who are certainly at risk of contamination, to think about targeted tests,” said Matheus Rodrigues, CEO of MAMBA Labs.

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The company pointed out that the app complies with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), and once it is uninstalled, the entire data record is deleted.

MAMBA Labs was founded during the pandemic by undergraduate students in Information Systems at the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco.


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