The application concept for AirPods was appreciated


This year, the AirPods application concept, which Apple did not care about, which put the 3rd Generation AirPods wireless headphones on sale, was published.

One of the main features of AirPods, both hardware revisions and software updates, has added new features that make us wonder if AirPods deserve their own companion app on the iPhone. When we think about Apple software, the more manual way of updating AirPods creates an expectation that there will now be a dedicated app for this hardware.

AirPods have become more and more important in people’s lives, so much so that we can now say that they are an indispensable accessory for iPhone. As it gets more advanced, it becomes harder for users to find features that Apple has added. This doesn’t change the fact that the company still treats AirPods like any other bluetooth device in the settings menu.

Will there be a special application for AirPods?

We haven’t heard the official answer to this question yet, but the AirPods companion app probably came up as a concept similar to the Watch app. In this concept, there is a simple main tab with all the settings you would want quick access to. Most of these seem to be taken from the bluetooth menu and about page. At the top of the screen, you can see your currently in use AirPods, search within settings, check your battery level, and switch to another AirPod pair you might want to use.

There are three groups of related setting options. The first group includes hardware controls such as customizing how buttons work, enabling or disabling head detection, and experimenting with spatial audio.

Under this group, you can see information about your AirPods, customize settings for the Find My network, and download software updates. One of our biggest gripes with AirPods is the way Apple sends software updates to users. These updates do not look like they do on iOS and are installed on headphones unannounced. So, like all of Apple’s other major companion devices, AirPods should have a software update pane that displays new features and alerts you when updates are available.

A new apps tab that shows apps and services for Music, podcasts, audios and videos via the middle tab is included in this concept and it looks pretty useful. Like the Watch app and the Tips app, the explore tab can tell users about features they’re not familiar with. It can also function as a so-called newsroom for Apple to let people know about new features and software updates.

With the third tab, when someone wants to fix a problem with their AirPods, they can come here. It stands out as a central place to learn about your AirPods, regardless of model. This concept has been very popular. It is still unknown whether Apple will make the software release and control function of AirPods more useful.