The Apple Watch 7 could arrive with a blood glucose meter


Apple has paid a lot of attention in recent years to a gadget that has become very important in recent years. We are talking about the Apple Watch, a device that has increased in popularity and that like many smartwatches has become almost essential. I all has to do with the functions that help you measure your day to day, and it could soon take on an all-important function with a glucose meter.

Apple Watch’s diabetic feature is on the way

Technology companies are increasingly committed to the health and well-being of their users. Hence the success of devices such as smartwatches or smartbands, which to a greater or lesser extent are responsible for collecting data on what you do during the day. The steps you take, the push-ups you do, the lengths you swim in a pool are some of the most typical examples of its characteristics.

But some are very advanced such as the Apple Watch Series 6 in which you have options such as blood oxygen control. But this will be little with what is expected of his successor, whom they already predict with a glucose meter. This is a huge help for all those people who suffer from diabetes, who need to constantly control their sugar.

Until now, the method to obtain this information was to obtain a blood sample by means of a prick in the case of type 1. Afterwards, a machine performed the analysis in a few seconds, but the practice itself is very invasive. The bitten apple, according to what AppleInsider tells there are several patents related to this ability and everything indicates that the function is being subjected to tests of “reliability and stability” before its commercialization.

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A project from 2017

Apple had been talking about new features for its Apple Watch for years. But the funny thing is that the glucose meter is one of those that has been postponed with the passage of time. This is an important function for many and since 2017 we have the first rumors that the Apple Watch has a blood glucose meter. They are not the only ones who want to avoid punctures when we were talking about these patches to measure blood glucose. Whichever comes first is great news for Type 1 diabetics, who will forget about those annoying punctures.


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