The appearance of the new Captain Marvel shocks even her fellow heroes


Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel #39 from Marvel Comics

Carol Danvers has mysteriously disappeared, and in her absence, the new Captain Marvel attracts attention with her unexpected appearance, which shocks her fellow Marvel heroes. In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel #39, Spider-Woman notices significant changes in Binari as she is stunned to see the new hero take on a more human appearance that looks exactly like Danvers.

Captain Marvel created a sentient energy similar to her binary form during her battle against Vox Supreme, which somehow possessed a consciousness of its own. After Binary’s new creation helped Captain Marvel defeat the villain, it joined her on Earth, where it learned to exist as a hero. Binari has a childish understanding of the world, but after Carol Danvers disappears, she is forced to take her place, much to the confusion of the public and even her fellow Marvel heroes.

In a brand new preview for Captain Marvel #39 (H/T Multiversity), Kelly Thompson, Juan Frigeri, Alvaro Lopez, Geordie Bellera and Clayton Coles of VC from Marvel Comics, readers will learn that Carol Danvers has been put on trial for her crimes. against magic. Captain Marvel presents her case as a series of judges, including Satan, Alriac, Brother Voodoo, Magic and Agatha Harkness. In addition, the Enchantress is leading a case against Captain Marvel for depriving her son Uwe of power, while the Scarlet Witch is the hero’s defender.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Carol Danvers can somehow be seen strolling around New York, despite the fact that she has been missing for several days. Passers-by admit that she looks different, but “great.” Even Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, is shocked to see a Marvel hero passing by. However, it’s not really Carol; instead, it’s Binari’s intelligent energy taking on her appearance.

At the end of Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel #38, Binari’s appearance slowly transforms from her usual fiery self into the image of her creator. She seems to be becoming more like Danvers than ever before. While Binari is still learning the ropes as a hero, she replaces Captain Marvel in many ways when she assumes her appearance.

Spider-Woman will help Binari cope with the impending personality crisis, even if the appearance of the new Captain Marvel shocks the hero. Since the real Carol Danvers has not yet been found, Binari is gradually becoming more and more like her creator. Whether this is good or bad remains to be seen. But, for better or worse, Binari is trying his best to stand up for the missing hero and help protect the Earth until she returns. Captain Marvel #39 from Marvel Comics will arrive in comic book stores and online stores on Wednesday.