The Apex Legends player has fun luring opponents with the Bash Portal


Portals are nothing new to the Apex Legends meta, and fans have used them creatively over the years. For example, the Ghost has one strategy that involves using her portal to “kidnap” opponents and return them to their teammates. Perhaps the Ghost Portal can be used more creatively than the Ash portal, because of their inherent differences.

The Wraith portal is positioned as a way to bypass enemies, get to the best places and sometimes get out of bad situations. Ash’s portal is much more aggressive, shooting at Ash and those who follow right to the spot. This allows her to quickly close the distance or shoot back from a bad fight, but not as often as inventively as Rafe. However, one fan shows how inventive desperate Apex Legends players can be.

Redditor Lexivo recently shared a clip of them playing Ash in a shootout in Fragment. Their partner died, and it was a 1 vs 2 situation. Apparently realizing this, the enemies of Apex Legends attacked the lone Ash; not having much choice, Ash used her portal and flew into the lava nearby, instantly dying. The repulsive group didn’t realize where Ash had moved to and followed him, causing both enemies to also die in the lava. If Ash’s player couldn’t win the battle, it looks like he decided to take his enemies with him.

Absolutely bait from apexlegends

To add a little bit of resentment to this injury, in the clip above you can see the announcer showing that one of the other players was the leader of the kills. Of course, Ash didn’t get a confession for the murder, but they successfully lured the aggressive leader of the murders into the lava and still got an ad, which in itself is quite funny in Apex Legends. However, being on the other end of this portal bait may not have been as fun.

In any case, similar things happen all the time in the Apex Legends community and will continue for some time. Fans are waiting for the launch of the 14th season of Apex Legends, and whatever changes he makes to the game, it’s safe to say that players will continue to creatively approach their legends. Perhaps some will even survive this creativity, even if it leads to less laughter.

Apex Legends is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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