The Apex Legends clip is a reminder of why random Players can’t be trusted to drop


One of the key elements of success in Apex Legends is team play. Over 13 seasons, Battle Royale has created an impressive list of diverse characters from which players can choose. While some of these legends have abilities that can be used to help the player individually, they are often even more effective when coordinated with the rest of the squad.

Unfortunately, those who have been playing Battle royale for a while know that coordinating with random teammates is easier said than done. In addition, teamwork can be even more difficult when these teammates don’t have working microphones to communicate with. Although Apex Legends has a reliable communication verification system for communication, it may not do much. And sometimes random teammates make decisions that are impossible to predict.

Recently, a Reddit user under the nickname Sonynyo shared a clip in which they played Apex Legends on the Olympus map. The action began near the POI Solar Array when a Reddit user who played for Mirage decided to take a ride with his Valkyrie teammate, who used Skyward Dive. Sonyo probably thought his squad was going to move to a safer place on the map using this Ultimate. Unfortunately, their random teammate had other ideas.

Randomness sometimes makes 10,000 IQ games. Watch and learn, guys. from apexlegends

Flying over the battlefield, Valkyrie picked up a team in the area. However, the situation turned out to be too difficult for a casual teammate. Instead of diving to safety, they led Sonyo and his other teammate to the abyss. Before the Reddit user had time to realize what was happening and break away, the Valkyrie player flew too close to the edge of the map, killing his entire squad at the same time. This series of unpleasant events caused Sonynyo to sarcastically comment: “Random people sometimes make 10,000 IQ reproductions” when posting a clip on Reddit.

Unsurprisingly, many members of the Apex Legends community sympathized with Sonynyo on Reddit. Since the release of this clip demonstrating why random teammates can’t be trusted, the post has received over 5,800 votes. Among the comments, some wondered why a Reddit user allowed his teammate to plunge himself to death. However, Sonynyo reported that they were “overwhelmed” by the situation and “couldn’t react.” In addition, another user, known as Vaguely-sure, noted that this video is proof of why it is always better (and safer) to disconnect during the flight.

Unfortunately, poor decision—making by random teammates is not the only thing that players in the battle royale have been complaining about lately. Over the past couple of weeks, players have reported problems ranging from server latency, problems registering hits and problems connecting to matches in Apex Legends. Let’s hope that these problems can be solved so that players can continue to shoot humorous videos in the game, similar to the recent one published by Sonynyo.

Apex Legends is currently available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.