The answers to Ken’s chiseled Ab in Ryan Gosling’s Barbie are here, and I’ve already got popcorn


When moviegoers heard that the Barbie movie was back at the box office, it was no surprise that Ryan Gosling would play the main character of Barbie Ken. After all, Yahoo! The article “Finance” once said that according to “science” Ryan Gosling is considered the 10th most beautiful man in the world. And as soon as the photo of Ken Ryan Gosling was published, Twitter users couldn’t stop reacting with the most hilarious memes.

This bleached blonde, deep tan and this chiseled abs made us all say, “Holy abs and hair!” Several people on Twitter expressed their reaction with hilarious memes about the new image of the “Memory Diary” star for the film.

Our first example of a hilarious tweet “Ryan Gosling meets Ken” is a photo of Freddie Prince Jr. as Fred from “Scooby-Doo” next to Ryan Gosling as Ken. The caption reads: “Freddie Prince Jr. Fred walked so that Ryan Gosling’s Ken could run.” So, is Ryan Gosling going to be the new Fred in Barbie? I doubt that he will solve any riddles with such a bulging abs.

This shows how Ryan Gosling’s appearance in the movies compares to the houses in Santa Monica. We see a photo of the black-and-white harsh look he had for “The Place Under the Pines,” against the background of a burned building. Next to this house is a photo of Ryan Gosling in the image of Ken, leaning against a bright pink column that brightens up a house of the same color in Santa Monica.

Another funny example is a tweet in which Ryan Gosling is depicted as Ken with the caption “He will be so cruel to me on Fire Island.” This may be a reference to the Hulu movie “Fire Island” about a group of queer friends spending a heavenly summer dedicated to the themes of racism and body issues in the LGBTQ+ community.

The following tweet shows two photos of Earring Magic Ken with the caption “Oh, so he plays a gay Earring Magic Ken?” This refers to when Ken’s doll received an updated look, presenting light highlights, a lilac mesh shirt, a purple leather vest, a long necklace and an earring in his left ear. Considering that it turned out to be the best-selling version of the Ken doll, it’s not surprising that the studios decided to use this image for the film.

The next meme is a retweet of a Warner Brother ad about Ryan Gosling as Ken with an image of a hand pushing two different flavors of soda into a cup, and the words “hooting, screaming, me” are hidden above the image.

The following meme shows three ripped male models posing in front of Barbie photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, which say “3 tickets to a Barbie movie, please.” The caption reads, “Can’t wait to steal Ryan Gosling’s new identity.” We’ll see how many other viewers will want to be Ken for someone after watching this movie.

The following tweet shows an image of Ken Ryan Gosling next to two other photos of wrestler Orange Cassidy and Fred from Scooby-Doo. The signature reads: “Why does Ryan Gosling in a Barbie movie look like a cross between Orange Cassidy and Fred from Scooby-Doo, may I ask?” Fred’s bleached blond hair and Orange Cassidy’s tanned chest. Yes, I see comparisons.

Another example is a retweet of a photo of Ken Ryan Gosling with the caption “Thought it was a new member of Love Island x”. This is a reference to the CBS reality show “Love Island” about a group of lonely people looking for love in a tropical place.

If you are wondering if this press is photoshopped by Ryan Gosling, I assure you that it is not. Obviously, he was very passionate about working on the film, going to the gym. His co-star Simu Liu said that he adheres to a strict diet and takes good care of his body. Despite the fact that our beloved Canadian actor doesn’t have to work so hard to kill his audience, Gosling apparently makes sure that his body resembles the same physical characteristics as the Ken doll.

You can see Ryan Gosling’s chiseled abs and bleached hair as he portrays Ken in the upcoming movie “Barbie” in theaters July 23, 2023.