The announcement of Free PS Plus Games for September 2022 may be Special


As August 2022 draws to a close, many PS Plus fans are looking forward to what happens next. Sony is expected to introduce free games for PS Plus for September 2022 on August 31, release them on September 6, and release Extra and Premium games in the following weeks.

However, based on other rumors, it is possible that the upcoming PS Plus announcement is not just an announcement of new games. September is usually an important month for PlayStation, and it would be wise to use the hype around PS Plus with the hype around the next announcement.

PS Plus Announcement, PlayStation Showcase Rumors

Sony has held a PlayStation Showcase every September for the past few years, and recent rumors suggest that the next PS Showcase will take place on September 8th. Sony’s announcements are hard to track, but there are few reasons why this presentation can’t be announced on August 31. , The state of the games is usually announced at the beginning of the week when they occur, and this also happens once at the PS Showcase. At the same time, some State of Plays and at least one PS Showcase were announced a whole week ahead of schedule. According to rumors, the PS Showcase will probably feature God of War Ragnarok, so a week of hype would be good for disclosure.

In the past, Sony has refused, postponed, or otherwise modified its typical PS Plus disclosure pattern to match something else. PS Plus ads have been delayed to appear at a larger event, for example. This is unlikely to happen here, since the PS Plus release date in September 2022 is 2 days before the expected event, but the release of the PS blog with an emphasis on free games in September 2022 is probably another announcement or two (as it was with Yakuza games for PS Plus), and the final phrase “Oh, hi, join us on September 8 at our PS Showcase” will cause an incredible stir.

This will draw a lot of attention to Sony over the next week or so before the event, and it should also be noted that Sony likes to stand out. This is one of the reasons why he abandoned E3 even before the outbreak of the pandemic. There are a lot of events planned for September, including the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase on September 9th and Ubisoft Forward on September 10th, and if the PlayStation Showcase takes place on September 8th, it will be a good way to keep fans focused on the event. It would stand out and outshine others if it revealed all of its major ads for September in one package, so while it remains to be seen, it goes without saying that August 31 will be a big day for PS Plus subscribers.

PS Plus subscribers receive several games monthly.


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