The anniversary remix of Overwatch Vol. 3 starts today


With the approach of Overwatch 2, the original team shooter from Blizzard is somewhat lagging behind. Due to the lack of new content and a decrease in the number of viewers on Twitch, interest in Overwatch is declining as players look forward to the sequel. With the advent of new heroes, game modes and maps in Overwatch 2, it was not easy to return to the original Overwatch, but Blizzard is trying to keep players interested with a new event.

Today, Overwatch celebrates its summer season, once again presenting fans with another version of the Anniversary Remix. While the Summer Games event usually brought new skins to the game, Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 promises a return of the styles of previous seasons in new paint, while developers are working hard to create new outfits for Overwatch 2.

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In a tweet on the @PlayOverwatch account, players are teased with the next anniversary remix in a video showing a number of Overwatch heroes queuing at a nightclub, with the ever-impatient Reaper leading the queue. In the queue behind him, fans can notice the Fist of Death, the Fatal Widow, Zenyatta, Orisa, Cassidy, Moira, Sigma and Ash. When the game camera moves over the characters’ legs, the replicas of Tracer, Cassidy and the Reaper sound.

The specific skins worn by the heroes may indicate which skins will return with this third anniversary remix. Earlier, fans saw the return of Anna Bastet’s skin and Dr. Zeigler’s Mercy costume, as well as the cosplay of Turboswin Pachimari. As with the previous remixes, every three weeks a trial skin is returned, which can be earned by playing a certain number of competitive, fast or arcade games.

Having seen the outfits of Mardi Gras Ash and Maestro Sigma in the teaser, we can assume that they are among the skins that players will be able to receive in the coming weeks. Moreover, the inclusion of the formal attire of the Fist of Death, the appearance of Moria “Venus Flytrap”, the appearance of the Forest Spirit of Orisa and the outfit of Cassidy “Avenger” may show that these looks will receive some repainting.

The reaction of fans to this announcement was cool, as they lost fresh content in favor of expensive repaints packed in new clothes. Responses to the tweet are replete with memes condemning ruskin, highlighting the frustration that players express with the news.

The end of the teaser shows that the event will last until the end of the month and will end on the 30th. This gives fans a lot of chances to unlock the skins they want.

Overwatch is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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