The animated film “Sky & Luna” in the works of PoC Studios, Man of Action Entertainment, Creation Station & Composition Media” Duncan Rouleau directs with Carl Reed from “Hair Love” among the producers


EXCLUSIVE:Labid Aziz’s People of Culture Studios collaborates with Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10), Creation Station and Composition Media to create a 3D animated family movie Sky & Luna based on the original IP from Creation Station.

In the center of the plot is a lonely 11-year-old Sky, who finally found a new best friend, completely out of this world … literally. Luna is a werewolf alien sent to Earth to study humanity. Instead, she is being hunted by a top—secret government organization tasked with eradicating extraterrestrial threats-an organization run by Skye’s own mother.

Sky & Luna is the first feature created under a partnership agreement between PoC Studios and Composition Media. Duncan Rouleau of “Man of Action” will direct it. Patricia Viletto wrote the screenplay based on the short story Creation Station and Man of Action. Oscar winner Carl Reed (“The Love of Hair”) is producing the film with Man of Action, Creation Station and PoC Studios Chief Creative Officer Andy Cosby (“Hellboy”), and Aziz is acting as executive producer. PoC Studios oversees the production and will handle the global distribution of the film.

“When Dillon [Gemmill] and I were creating Sky and the Moon, we couldn’t have imagined what a wonderful team we could assemble to bring to life the stories for which we created our company,” Spahi said. , “inclusive creative adventures for the next generation of children”.

“I am very excited about Patricia’s fantastic script and the opportunity to work with this talented team of creators,” Rouleau said. “Sky and Luna” is a grand adventure with a real heart. It reminds us all that helping each other is the best thing friends can do in this or any other world.”

“When Andy and I launched PoC Studios, I knew why, but I couldn’t predict how,” Aziz commented. “To say that it is a great honor for us to work with the incredible creative team behind Sky & Luna and to be the partner of Oscar—winning Carl Reed is to say nothing. This is really what dreams are made of, and I can’t wait for my daughter to watch the movie! She will fall in love with Sky & Luna.”

“I am very excited to work with the MAN OF ACTION and Creation Station teams,” Reed added. “They are the creative dream partners, and they fit so well into the strategy and plan that Labid and I launched last year. We decided to challenge paradigms and put talents and artists first and create real strategies that preserve value for those who deserve and deserve it. “The Sky and the Moon” will not only be a great movie, but it will also set a new standard for doing business better.”

PoC Studios is a content studio offering an integrated approach to the production, financing and distribution of film and television content intended for a global audience. Among the initial plans of the PoC is the film “Tokyo at Night” based on the script of Oscar winner Ron Bass (“Rain Man”), who now has no talent, and a subsequent television offshoot is also in development. Tokyo Under Night is positioned as a “Japanese Casablanca” with a historically important Japanese dinner club of the 50s and 60s, where influential people from all walks of life and countries met, which led to exciting results. Also in the plans is “Raj”, a historical epic set in India of the Raj era, telling about the nation’s struggle for freedom against the British Empire.

Man of Action Entertainment is a team of screenwriters consisting of Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Rouleau and Steven T. Siegle, who created the Cartoon Network franchise “Ben 10” and the characters of the Disney film “Big Hero 6”, awarded the Academy Award. The quartet are currently the creators of the Sonic: Prime/EP, which debuts this winter on Netflix. Other series they have created and produced include the most recent Ben 10 for CN, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel’s Avengers Assemble for Disney, Mega Man: Fully Charged for Dentsu/Wildbrain and Power Players with ZAG Toon, Generator Rex and Zac Storm. Currently, Man of Action creates video games, toy lines and worlds for numerous international partners, and also produces comics and graphic novels together with Image Comics, which are the basis for films, TV series and podcasts, including the feature film “I Kill Giants”. Officer Down, working at the Grindhouse, Kafka, Douglas Fredericks and their house, Get Naked and MCMLXXV.

Gemmill and Spahi became co-founders and head of the Los Angeles-based IP production and production company Creation Station, writing with their colleagues from Man of Action about franchises such as Ben 10, Power Players and Sonic: Prime. Their original intellectual property includes Sky and Luna, Xenoglyphs and the acclaimed comic book series “Getting It Together”. Among the executive producers is the #1 Netflix film “Code 8” starring Stephen and Robbie Amell.

Reed, one of the producers of the Oscar-winning animated short film “Love for Hair” in 2020, is the co-founder of Lion Forge Comics and Lion Forge Animation, where he served as president and chief creative officer. As part of these roles, he led the studio’s film, television, and digital technology production and distribution divisions, and established and developed relationships with key creators and industry partners. In addition to “The Love of Hair,” Reed oversaw production with Disney, Nickelodeon, HBO Max and many others.

Rule is represented by Scott Agostoni Management and The Cook Company; Villette is from Gotham Group.


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