The analyst announces NFT tokens, which, according to him, will grow 10 times!


The market has been in the red lately, and there are a lot of questions about which NFTs are worth buying in 2022. Popular cryptanalyst Lark Davis gives his followers an overview of the market, highlighting a list of the 4 best NFT tokens that can grow 10 times in 2022. In this article, let’s take a look at the NFT market, bearing in mind that forecasts are not accurate.

According to Lark Davis, the 4 best NFT tokens that can increase 10 times by 2022

The first NFT token mentioned in the Tennis Champs list is a platform for Joyride game developers, so they bring NFT and tokens to mobile esports casual and social games. Tennis Champs in Joyride is a game based on the principles of “win by play”, which requires serious competition.

Users have access to market-leading tools for developing, publishing and scaling Blockchain games. According to Somagnews, Joyride has recently received significant investments. Among its investors were Coinbase Venture, Animoca Brands, Solana Ventures and Dapper Labs. Skipping access to the metaverse also gives you the opportunity to earn in-game rewards. Thus, there are many different ways to use NFT Tennis Champ.

The Avari Saga

The second collection of NFT Avarik Saga is a JRPG-style game. The idea of what the game is about, but it is mainly used to play RPG in a game with NFT characters.

They show great interest in playing in the Southeast Asian market. In particular, it attracts a lot of attention from the mobile market of Indonesia. They also work with some major guilds in the crypto space, such as YGG and Southeast Asia. Therefore, according to Davis, this could be a good opportunity for early investment.


The third NFT token on the list, Nyan Heroes, is a mechanical war game. This project was built on Solan. Due to the available transaction fees, such Solana games are the most efficient blockchain.


The fourth NFT Cyber Brokers token was created jointly with the popular artist Josie Bellini. He also released his NFT collection called Cyber Brokers.

There are many different classes, characters and traits for these different characters, and they are purely chain NFTs. Clothes can be altered. Lark Davis highlights the following about cyber brokers:

The art is extraordinary, and the community that has grown up around them is extraordinary. Josie has really established herself as a crypto artist in this field, producing absolutely amazing things. He’s one of the early pioneers of NFT, and he has a great art collection.