The Among Us! Beta for PC adds playable


The hit game InnerSloth will not have a sequel, but will be expanded thanks to the new content that the studio is preparing.

When success suddenly catches you, you have to make quick decisions. A few weeks after InnerSloth announced Among Us 2, the developer backed down and confirmed that they had finally opted for improving the main game rather than developing a sequel from scratch. The Among Us! Beta It has been updated again, and although there are no official patch notes, players have noticed some important changes and updates that have been implemented in the PC beta.

From now on, users will be able to vote for the imposter anonymously, so that no one will know who you voted for during the meeting, making it even more difficult to unravel who is lying and who is not. On the other hand, the taskbar always appeared on the screen, but the developer now allows you to configure that option. Although “Always” is enabled by default, you can select “In meetings” or “Never” from now on. This will allow impostors to lie about the number of tasks they have left to complete.

Cables, colors and servers

The task of cables is now more accessible, since it no longer depends exclusively on the colors, but also on the shape of the cables. This decision has been made taking into account people who have trouble distinguishing colors correctly, as is the case with color blind people.

InnerSloth also works to strengthen the servers, very affected by the number of players who enjoy the game at the same time. Do not forget that it is a project developed by a small team of only three people.

To download the beta, just go to the Steam page of the video game and press the right button of the mouse on the game. Select the properties and look for the section dedicated to betas. There you will find “Public Beta” and you can download the new version, which is currently only available on the PC version.


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