The American Remake Of Train to Busan Will Be Released in 2023


Train: Titled The Last Train to New York, the remake of this zombie story will be executive produced by James Wan, a benchmark of terror. We have known for a long time that the American remake of Train to Busan was in production, one of the Korean films of reference in recent years, and whose director recently premiered the series Rumbo al Infierno on Netflix. Now, we have been able to know that the rumored title, The Last Train to New York, is final, and also, its release date, which will be in the year 2023.

Behind the cameras of this remake will be Timo Tjahjanto, a director from Indonesia, who has to his credit films such as La Noche Viene por Nosotros or May The Devil Take You Too, while in the role of producer is a more familiar face for the general public such as James Wan. Wan is widely known for being the director of sagas such as the Warren File or Insidious, in addition to having also served as a producer on other horror films such as Annabelle or the Saw saga. In short, an easily recognizable face for horror movie fans. On the other hand, in charge of the script will be Gary Dauberman, who already wrote the history of It and It: Chapter Two.

A project that raises doubts

Meanwhile, and as often happens in these cases, this project has not been without criticism. Tjahjanto has already been resigned to receiving them, while the director of the original film, Yeon Sang-Ho, is skeptical, assuring that he hopes that it is something that involves a new experience, rather than simply the same film with actors. American people.

“We use the term or word remake, but I don’t think a remake has to be something where you just add more advanced technology to something that’s already done,” said the Korean director. “I think a remake should be a completely new creation. And as the creator of the original, I don’t think there needs to be any similarities between the original film and the remake. In fact, I trust that they have their own quality and their own vision. It is more, as a creator, if your intention is to interpret it exactly the same … wouldn’t it be better to see the original version of Train to Busan? “, he concludes.

The specific date for the premiere of The Last Train to New York is April 21, 2023.