The AirPods 3 Could Arrive This Year


AirPods 3: Having wireless headphones is something that is within everyone’s reach. There are all price ranges, with more or less functions according to this pattern, but in the end they all share one characteristic: they do not have cables and are used to take calls as well as listen to music. But if we go to the higher price ranges we will find the AirPods that could leave us a new version on the market very soon.

The AirPods 3 closer than it seems

Having an ecosystem of Apple products is not something that is available to many. There are those who even only place their trust in a single device of the bitten apple, but it is a fact that compatibility between gadgets is sometimes even necessary. And today we talk about one of the most interesting devices of the Cupertino firm in recent years: The AirPods.

These wireless headphones are among the best you can have on the market thanks to their design, features and listening quality. But in the Californian company there is no reason to stay with the same devices for years and that is why it has to get a new batch of its devices. In fact, according to what Bloomberg tells us, we could see the AirPods 3 very soon. The media points out that the design of these new headphones is close to that of the Pro model that also operates in the market, which would add a plus of comfort to the device .

But the most important detail has to do with the date we can see it. And it could be very feasible to see the new AirPods 3 at WWDC 21. The event for developers is also the perfect time for the bitten apple to show the world some of its products as we have already seen on occasion and for the next June 7 is an ideal date to present these new devices in society.


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