The age gap between Jamie and Claire Fraser is huge!


The great love story between Jamie and Claire Fraser has hidden the age of the main characters of Outlander, but we believe that what matters is love and not their age, in the same way this is their age.

Recall that the series has not explicitly said the age of each of the characters, but it was revealed on the day of Jamie and Claire’s wedding, that Jamie did not have much experience and was a virgin.

Revealing that Jamie was much younger than Claire, but precisely what age are we talking about? In the Outlander novels, Diana Gabaldon says that Claire is three to four years older than her husband.

But in the Starz series, Claire is four years older than Jamie, since in the first season she is 27 years old, while Jamie is 23 years old.

Now if you add the years that have passed in the series and the celebration of Jamie’s 50 years, it means that Claire is 53 years old, close to 54 years! They certainly haven’t lost their beauty, especially Jamie’s actor Sam Heughan.

Although technically due to time travel things, Jamie would be 200 years older than Claire, but that is another separate topic that we will tell you after the great Outlander series.

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