The advantages of using a secure VPN


Do you know what a VPN is? This is the acronym in English for “Virtual Private Network”. As the name might suggest, VPNs are a secure way to access the internet and keep your connection private.

This technology establishes a point-to-point connection between your device and a large computer network. The data trafficked on the VPN is sent through a kind of “encrypted tunnel”.

How does VPN work?

The image above, provided by the CyberGhost VPN service, exemplifies very well what happens when you don’t use a VPN.

When you browse the internet, the provider provides your devices with a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. It is through this number that the devices are identified and can both send and receive information. However, without a VPN, everything you do online can be tracked by the internet operator, government and even malicious people.

When using a VPN, your data goes through an “encrypted tunnel”. That way, they cannot be intercepted, leaving your IP address hidden and, as a result, websites, companies, government and criminals can no longer track your online activities. Therefore, using VPNs has these and other advantages.

VPN removes content limitation by region

Several services available on the internet have what is called geographic restriction. This means that, depending on the region of the globe where you are, you will not be able to access these services and their benefits.

One way to get around this situation is to use a VPN, a technology that is capable of ending the limitation of content by region of various services. Did you know, for example, that Netflix has a much more complete catalog than what we Brazilians have access to? Dozens of other streaming services are also released when using a VPN, which is very good for those looking for more freedom in their connection.

By using CyberGhost VPN, you unlock access to 35 streaming services that you would not have been able to use before.

VPN protects your browsing

Public Wi-Fi networks are the worst for your data security. The networks you use in cafes, airports or hotels generally do not have a secure connection or even a password for access. This makes it very easy for malicious hackers to eavesdrop on your network traffic – even if you use incognito mode.

Using a VPN, this will no longer be a problem. This technology prevents your data from being tracked, even if you are connected to an insecure network.

In addition to hiding your IP address, CyberGhost VPN is able to encrypt your data, making you practically a “digital ghost” when browsing the internet.

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VPN unlocks the potential of your connection

Restricted networks and constant drops in internet connection are just some of the worst problems for users. However, you do not have to live with this type of situation if you are using a VPN that unleashes the full potential of your internet connection, allowing you to access any type of content safely.

If you like to download torrent files, for example, you will be satisfied when using a VPN. This technology allows you to take advantage of the maximum speed of your connection and even encrypts your access so that the ISP (and other agencies) do not know what you are downloading.

Using a VPN is your right

Given these advantages, some people may end up asking themselves: “After all, isn’t using a VPN illegal?” If that is your question, know that most countries do not have laws that ban or restrict the use of this type of technology.

However, there are governments that repress freedom of expression and resort to censorship. These regimes choose to make the use of VPNs illegal, citing reasons such as national security.

Outside these countries, the use of VPNs is legal. However, it is worth noting that activities considered illegal without the use of this technology remain illegal even when you connect to VPN servers.

CyberGhost VPN, a good option

If you were interested in a VPN, CyberGhost VPN – which made it possible to publish this article – is a good option for you. The company has no less than 36 million users worldwide, people who are enjoying the security, comfort and peace of mind of using VPN technology.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, CyberGhost VPN brings even more benefits. One is the fact that the technology can be installed on a wide variety of devices, from computers with Windows or macOS, Android and iOS devices, smart TVs, consoles or directly on routers. With a single subscription you can protect up to seven different devices.

But what is the big news that CyberGhost VPN has to offer to readers of TecMundo?

Using the coupon below and clicking on this link, you will have a 73% discount on the monthly subscription, paying only R $ 13.29 per month to have all the benefits of a VPN. As if that were not enough, you have a 45-day warranty to test the service and, if you are not satisfied, you get your money back.


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