The actress from another vampire series who almost played Rose


The Vampire Diaries ran until 2017 for 8 seasons since it premiered in 2009 on The CW network. It was such a successful vampire drama, that it served as the inspiration for the spin-off The Originals and its more recent spinoff Legacies. Since its conclusion, fans have not stopped clamoring for a reboot of the series, which unfortunately will not see the light of day.

The show was starred by stars like Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Nina Dobrev, Joseph Morgan, just to name a few, of whom with their memorable characters became the souls of The CW series. Neither of them had ever played a vampire before.

However, the creators of The Vampire Diaries at some point wanted a famous star who played a vampire slayer in another The CW series to bring a vampire to life in the hit drama starring Wesley and Somerhalder. However, this did not happen, as they ended up casting another famous actress for the prominent role.

The creators of The Vampire Diaries wanted Buffy star The Vampire Slayer to play Rose. Sarah Michelle Gellar, was in Julie Plec’s mind initially as the favorite to bring the character of Rose to life, a role that ended up in the hands of Lauren Cohan.

After The Vampire Diaries season 2 finale aired, Kevin Williamson, one of the show’s creators alongside Julie Plec, told Page Six that they wanted to cast Sarah Michelle Gellar to play Rose. This was told by the second-on-edge of The CW series at the time:

“Julie and I were trying to get Sarah Michelle Gellar to play Rose. Originally, my dreams and I … we had to try to get Sarah Michelle Gellar for Rose. She was so thankful, but she just said no. She was the only one. stunt casting that we would have agreed to (laughs) “.

Importantly, this was not the first time that the creators of The Vampire Diaries failed in their attempt to recruit other television and show stars to play the characters that became fan favorites. Well, they also wanted to take Taylor Swift to the set of the series to give life to Lexi.