The actors of the first season of “Ultimatum”: where are they now?


Eight ultimatums later! The premiere of the first season of “Ultimatum” made a splash, but did the bold premise work for any of the couples?

The Netflix show followed eight duets on the verge of getting engaged. After one person in the relationship issues an Ultimatum, they enter into a trial marriage with one of their colleagues, living with a new partner of their choice from the show for three weeks. At the end of the three-week period, they move in with their original significant other and have to decide whether they want to stay together and get engaged, leave alone, or continue a relationship with their probation partner.

Madeline Ballatori and Colby Kissinger were one of the few couples in which a man delivered an ultimatum. Fans were shocked when the couple not only got engaged in the finale in April 2022, but moments later tied the knot.

“So I do not know if we were really surprised by something [reviewing it]. I think we were more surprised, for example, that it was chosen to leave the missing verses. It was better than we expected, honestly.”

Colby told us that he always planned to give Madeline a chance to get married a few seconds after he proposed, if she agreed.

“As soon as I found out that I was committed [to the engagement], I realized that I was ready for the next big event, namely the wedding and, for example, to lose another bit, when did you get it right there on the biggest stage? Why not take the opportunity?” he told Us. “And I think since she said yes to the engagement, why not say yes to the marriage.

Madeline added that she had no hesitation.

“I knew that if I was going to say yes to this offer, I had to be ready to give my all,” she explained. “I think you’ve seen me being like, ‘What the hell, let’s do this.’ Anyway, I’ve never wanted a big wedding.”

The duo wasted no time taking the next step. Madeline is pregnant with their first child.

The first season of Ultimatum is being broadcast on Netflix. Scroll through to find out about the cast update:

Madeline Ballatori and Colby Kissinger

The couple is expecting their first child — a girl. Madeline told us on March 30, 2022, that she was 35 weeks old. “I’m ready to have my own girl. Literally in the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking: “Get that baby away from me!” she said. “But I like being pregnant. I mean, it was such a blessing.”

Colby added: “During all this, she did a great job with everything.”

The couple also plans to have a big wedding with their family and friends in a year.

Shanik Imari and Randall Griffin

The couple broke up six months after the show closed. They are together again, but they broke off the engagement.

“Unfortunately, I was very, very worried [on the day of the proposal], because from my point of view, I mean, all I felt and saw was that he was communicating with someone else,” Shanik told us in March 2022. “And obviously, you know, there was a chance that his opinion wouldn’t change at the end of it. So I was genuinely happy and surprised that he proposed, [but] I don’t even know. It was just a whirlwind of emotions, honestly, the whole experience.”

When asked about their current schedule, Randall told Us to “stay informed.”

April Marie

After breaking up with Jake, April meets with a real estate broker from Austin. She told us that she was introduced to him by her friend who works at his agency.

“I wouldn’t waste my time with anyone I don’t see myself with in the long term,” she said. “So, I adore this person 1000 percent. And I’m very happy.”

Jake Cunningham

Although Jake and Ray left the show together after falling in love during their trial marriage, they didn’t go on the journey he suggested during the finale.

“It’s not that she didn’t want to go, we just—we both agreed that we needed time to sort things out. Because after the show ended, I had to deal with April, had to finish it, [and] she had to do the same with the Loan,” Jake told us in March 2022. “To be honest, we just pushed him. back, and then it just never happened in the end.”

Jake added that he feels “something could happen in the future” with Ray, with whom he keeps in touch. “We are still good friends. From time to time we see each other here and there,” he said then.