The actors of “Summer House” weigh the absence of Alex Vah in season 6: “He would have crushed him”


Blink and you’ll miss him! Originally introduced in the 6th season of “Summer House”, Alex Wah began to gradually disappear from episodes, and his absence caused concern among viewers.

The popular Bravo series, which returned in January, originally featured Kyle Cook, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Karl Radke, Paige DeSorbo, Danielle Olivera, Luke Gulbranson and Ciara Miller. The cast was supplemented by Andrea Denver, Maya Allen and Alex.

Although a spark briefly flew between Alex and Ciara, fans soon began to wonder why the Hong Kong native was absent from the main events and storylines as the season continued.

In March, Kyle announced that the newcomer was excluded from the series because too many actors were being filmed at the time. Throughout season 6, Southern Charm stars Austin Kroll and Craig Conover also starred in cameo roles for certain events.

“This has happened in the past, and IMO has nothing to do with production not wanting to pay for an episodic fee,” Kyle wrote on Instagram in the comments section of the fan account. “Again, this is an assumption, but probably because so many things were happening and production wasn’t following them. From the producer’s point of view, it’s probably even stranger to have an actor and not have time for the camera than to edit it.”

A cast member of OG noted that this decision has been “made several times” in the past, and confirmed that the stars of “Summer House” are paid for the episodes in which they appear.

Alex, for his part, treated his absence from the screen with a sense of humor. In April, the model shared various memes on her Instagram stories, including a post from a Bravo fan. “[It’s] such a bummer,” the upload read. “There are too few Asian men on reality websites. So I hope that when Alex comes back, he will come back better than ever and finish strong.”

“I know Alex gets a lot of heat because he has this strict personal routine and he eats turkey for breakfast. But as soon as Alex came out of his shell, it was really fun and funny to be around him. He’ll be back. will see him.”

Scroll down to find out everything the actors of the Summer House said about Alex’s absence:

Paige DeSorbo

“Alex was at the reunion. The thing is, there were so many of us this year, and we’re all whores with cameras. Podcast “Morning Toast” in April. “So the main stories kind of continue. And Alex is so cute that he didn’t seem to yell at anyone.”

Kyle Cook

In March, the founder of Loverboy noted that actors had previously been removed if there was too much in the show.

“There were 11 actors and 3 guests in the last episode, if you include Jason,” he noted, referring to footage of Lindsay’s birthday celebration. “And as we all know, there were a lot of moving parts in the last episode, and there were too many people to follow.”

Alex Wah

A fitness instructor reacted to his absence in March with a GIF of Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) disappearing after wearing an invisibility cloak. At that time, Alex also added a clip from “Terminator” where Arnold Schwarzenegger says: “I’ll be back.”

In April, Alex shared footage from an upcoming episode of Summer House that seemed to tease his return.

Daniel Olivera

“[Alex] was supposed to play me at today’s volleyball match, but he couldn’t make it to the Hamptons this weekend—I honestly think he would have crushed him!” Danielle shared via Instagram after fans asked why he didn’t appear on the April episode.

Lindsay Hubbard

During an interview with Us in April, the publicist confirmed that Alex will be seen again before the end of the season. “It was really fun and funny with him,— Lindsay shared. — He’ll be back. You’ll see him.