The actor of the TV series “Very Strange Things” really had a viral Kate Bush song on repeat


The star of the TV series “Very strange things” Sadie Sink said that she listened to “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush on repeat outside the filming of the fourth season. Sink joined the Netflix series as Max Mayfield in the second season. The first volume of the penultimate season of “Very Strange Cases” debuted on the streaming service on May 27, 2022.

In season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, Max struggles to cope with the events of season 3 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, slowly isolating herself from her friends after the loss of her brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery). Target of Vecna (Jamie Campbell-Blower) due to her injury, Max almost becomes another victim of the creature when he visits Billy’s grave for a final goodbye. However, thanks to the investigation of Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) and Robina Buckley (Maya Hawke) Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) and Steve Harrington (Joe Keary) can help Max escape. An oft-mentioned and meme-inspiring moment when Max’s friends use Bush’s 1985 hit song “Running Up That Hill” to bring her back to reality. After the terrifying encounter, Max continues to listen to the song in order to prevent it from being released, and Sink revealed that she also listened to the track on repeat outside of filming.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Sink was asked how she listened to the track during the filming of Max’s escape, as well as how she prepared for this scene. Sink said that the song was not only played on set during filming, but also that she listened to it on repeat in the background when she was at home outside of filming. The star explained that she did it to understand how Max would listen to the song on repeat. Check out Sink’s answer below.

“I think the day we shot the running scene in episode four, we had a song playing. And it always sounded in my headphones. There was a real tape in the player and I could listen to it if I wanted to, but I spent the whole day in my free time when I was just at home and he played in the background all day, just to see if I would go crazy, because that’s what Max had to do. to do. And I’m like, “Oh, my God. Would you get tired of it? How does she do it all day?”

Bush herself reacted to the use of the song in the Netflix series by posting a statement on her website after the episode was released. The singer stated that the appearance of the song in Stranger Things introduced her to a new generation of listeners, giving her a new life, as well as reviving her in the singles charts due to renewed interest. Bush also revealed that she is a fan of the series herself, saying that she is looking forward to the release of the second volume on July 1.

The use of “Very Strange Cases” “Running Up That Hill” created one of the most iconic scenes of the show to date, in which Max and her friend not only reunite after their struggle, but also find a way to escape from Vecna. In this episode, “Running Up That Hill” not only renewed interest, but it also ranked higher in the charts than during its initial release in some territories. Thus, viewers may be surprised to hear and appreciate Sinx’s commitment to a full understanding and attitude to Max’s situation.