The actor of The Last Kingdom: Aldhelm admitted that filming with Netflix was not easy


The Last Kingdom” has become one of the most famous historical dramas on the Netflix streaming platform, although its fifth and final season aired a few weeks ago, viewers couldn’t be happier to see the final results, but it was James Northcote, an actor from Aldhelm, who revealed the behind-the-scenes details.

While it’s true that “The Last Kingdom” quickly took first place in the ranking of the most watched Netflix series, according to the actor, “it wasn’t always easy” to work on the drama of this streaming platform. Despite his success, Aldhelm’s interpreter had a lot to say about him, given the difficulties he faced in the production process.

Recall that “The Last Kingdom” follows the story of the brave and warrior Uhtred (Alexander Draymon), who set out to regain his throne while struggling with his identity as a Saxon raised by a Dane. Later, in the second season, it was Aldhelm (James Northcote) was introduced to help Lord Keolwolf (David Gant) meet King Alfred (David Dawson).

On top of that, he became Lord Ethelred’s confidant before Aldhelm was killed in season three. Despite the importance of his roles in this series, James Northcote noted that his toughest struggle was with the weather.

“The amazing thing about The Last Kingdom team is that it’s the friendliest place to work.”

Although the weather conditions were really bad, James Northcote stressed that there was a really harmonious working environment among everyone on the set of The Last Kingdom, and also stressed that all these acting professionals have a lot of experience.

“It’s not always easy to ride at temperatures of -10C, and it’s not always easy when you’re knee-deep in mud sliding in battle, trying not to chop off your head to a much more experienced stuntman. That’s why we all try to take care of each other.”

“We all try to make sure that everyone works to the best of their abilities, and the team, both British and Hungarian, is very experienced, supportive and passionate about the show. And you can’t say that about every job you work at.”

“We’ve really become a team and we’re very interested in the history and success of the show, and yes, it’s an amazing place to work and the people are amazing.”

While the film crew went to Hungary to shoot The Last Kingdom, James Northcote was forced to endure a severe cold, playing a character inspired by the 9th and 10th centuries.While it is true that most of the series was filmed in a European country, several key scenes also took place in the UK.

Despite the difficulties of filming in a place where people can easily freeze without proper equipment, all these actors decided to continue the hard work and, in addition, look like they are in a hot climate, giving a truly natural performance.