The actor of “Better call Saul” reacted to an emotional fan video dedicated to Howard


Warning: SPOILERS ahead for season 6 of the TV series “Better call Saul”

The star of the series “Better call Saul” Patrick Fabian shares his reaction to the emotional fan video of Howard Hamlin. In the role of Howard, Fabian was in the series from the very beginning, and over the course of six seasons, viewers witnessed how a successful lawyer turned from a disgusting secondary antagonist into the spin-off series “Breaking Bad” closest to the main character. . In particular, in season 6 of “Better Call Saul,” Howard’s family life showed a crumbling marriage and a man who began to wonder if all his career aspirations were worth it.

But unfortunately for Howard, this evolution reaches a peak at the time when Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim (Ria Seahorn) came up with a scheme to put an end to the Sandpiper class action. The consequence of this scheme is that elderly clients do get some money before they die. But for Jimmy and Kim, the main goal is to humiliate and humiliate Howard and get their own payout. All of this explodes in the mid-season finale of “Better Call Saul 6” as the carefully crafted plan works exactly as Kim and Jimmy expect. Then everything changes when Howard is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is shot by a vengeful Lalo (Tony Dalton).

In a new tweet, Fabian reacted to Howard’s tribute video created by fans. The video, created by YouTube user xHeather360x, uses Chris Allen’s song “Lost” and shows a number of memorable scenes that Fabian’s character had in Better Call Saul. Fabian thanked his fans by sharing a link to the video. The tweet is included below.

The reaction of the audience reflects the reaction of Jimmy and Kim. In their last encounter with Howard, before Lalo arrives and kills Howard, the lying duo are shocked to learn about Howard’s marital problems and seem to quietly admit that they never bothered to consider their opponent’s humanity. While some viewers have always been warm to Howard, pointing out that it was Chuck (Michael McKean) who was responsible for keeping Jimmy, later seasons Better call Saul to lift the veil over Howard. As he said moments before his death, he may be rich and privileged, and he may have wronged Jimmy and Kim, but he didn’t deserve what happened to him. In any case, Howard definitely didn’t deserve to be killed by Lalo.

The big question is how “Better Call Saul” will handle Howard’s murder when the show returns on July 11, and what it will mean for Jimmy and Kim. Perhaps death will be the trigger that will set in motion the events of Breaking Bad. But due to the short break and distraction from speculation, fans are taking a little time to thank actors like Fabian who made the spin-off as compelling as it is.