The Account Shared From Salt Bae’s Restaurant in London Is On The Agenda


Nusret Gökçe, who became a world-famous figure by being known as Salt Bae thanks to his meat salting movement, is on the agenda with the prices of his newly opened restaurant in the British capital.

The restaurant, which opened last week at the Park Tower Hotel in London, is talked more about the prices than the food.

A Twitter user named Jamz shared a photo of the account from the restaurant they went to on the opening night.

“£44 for four Red Bulls. Joke” note, the most striking dish was Tomahawk steak with a price of 630 pounds.

The account was widely shared and commented on by Twitter users. A user photo states, “It’s cheaper to go to Salt Bae’s restaurant in Turkey than in London. £9 for a Coke, £630 for a Tomahawk steak… Thank you, I won’t take it” he shared with the note.

Another user wrote that the only reasonable pricing on the account is complimentary teas.

When asked by one user, “Can someone please tell me the economy behind the £630 steak”, another user replied, “They take a helicopter tour and show me where the meat comes from.”

A user who asked the size of the steak was answered with this image.


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