The absolute form of Galactus ignores everything that makes him great


Attention! Contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #44.

The World Eater, Galactus, has recently been reborn in a new form called Destruction, which, while impressive, ignores everything that made him one of Marvel’s most iconic characters. While the original Galactus is an unfathomable cosmic god with an overwhelming aura of mystery and power, the Destroyer is a mindless beast with unclear motives and a stated goal that turns out to be meaningless at the end of the story.

Marvel Comics has an inexplicable tendency to “reboot” Galactus into new forms. This makes little sense, since Galactus is one of the fundamental forces of the cosmos, and therefore it should be unchanged, but this did not prevent Marvel from showing the “Life Bringer” who gives life to planets, and does not destroy them, the “Galactus Engine” created by the evil gods of the Cancer universe, and even the Hulk Galactus, who will eventually destroy the universe. These versions had their advantages, because they were unique, but at the same time they retained their main aspects and functions. However, the Destroyer that appeared in the Fantastic Four, although announced as the final form of Galactus, is the most disappointing version of the Devourer ever to appear.

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In fact, Galactus was recently killed by Thor during a battle between the Thunder God and Black Winter. During the War of Reckoning, all the former Messengers of Galactus gathered in Asgard, driven by the call of the Cosmic Force, and unearthed the corpse of their master, which then merged with the armor of the Destroyer (the Asgardian weapon of war, which was also a Messenger for a while) to create Destruction. In Fantastic Four #44, Dan Slot, Andrea Di Vito, Davide Tinto, Rachel Stott, and Jesus Aburtov, Destruction pursues a Silver Surfer who lures the creature with an Absolute Nullifier, to which this version of Galactus is attracted. for reasons that have yet to be explained. Theoretically, the Surfer should bring Destruction to the Top of All Realities so that it can absorb him and prevent the Reckoning, the villains of history, from entering him and fulfilling their dark desires.

The Destroyer is a mindless, furious creature that can only scream and follow its target. It lacks what has made Galactus an instant hit since his debut in 1966. The character was so scary and memorable because he was completely different from the classic monsters appearing in comics. Galactus wasn’t just smart, he was beyond anything the human mind could imagine, even a genius like Reed Richards. There is something deeply disturbing about an alien god standing on the roof of a building, so absorbed in creating his device of mass destruction that he ignores everything and everyone around him. Galactus was the definition of “out of this world”, while Destruction is just the latest in a long list of giant raging monsters from comics.

It doesn’t help that this new version of Galactus doesn’t even fulfill its stated role. The vertex was destroyed by Reed Richards with the help of an Absolute Nullifier, so the whole story of Destruction was completely meaningless, unless it was planned to be recycled in the future. However, Marvel should get rid of this “final version” of Galactus as soon as possible and return the character to his former glory, remembering what made him so memorable in the first place.