The ’90s Show From Netflix Shows How Kelso and Jackie Are Back Together After the ’70s Show


By the time the last episode of The ’70s Show aired in 2006, Mila Kunis’ Jackie Burkhart was romantically involved with all the men in her group of friends, except Eric Foreman Topher Grace. First she dated Michael Kelso played by Ashton Kutcher, then for a while she dated Steven Hyde played by Danny Masterson, and at the end of the eighth and final season she and Wilmer Valderrama were together. It seemed that these two children had a bright future ahead of them, but, as was shown in the trailer for “The Show of the 90s,” these two were not seen together at all in this original Netflix series.

Alas, it turns out that Jackie and Fez didn’t last long, and the former instead returned to Michael Kelso after the “70s Show, an even funnier couple these days, given that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are married in real life. . So what happened in the 15 years between the end of the ’70s Show and the beginning of the ’90s Show that led to Jackie and Kelso getting back together? That’s what we’re here to go through.

Warning: SPOILERS for the first season of the series “Show of the 90s” are ahead!

Kelso is the reason Jackie and Fez broke up

In the episode “Lip Smackers”, the first full episode of the ’90s Show in which Fez appears after his cameo at the end of “Free Leia”, Debra Jo Rupp’s Kitty Foreman stops by Fez’s salon, Chez Fez, to see if she can break down. with him on behalf of her neighbor, Sherry Rank from Andrea Anders. During the conversation, Fez recalls how his relationship with Jackie ended, revealing that the split occurred shortly after the end of the “70s Show,” that is, around 1980.

While Jackie and Fez were vacationing in Jamaica, the former discovered that the latter was on the phone with Kelso, and then she returned home to reunite with her ex-boyfriend. Fez stayed at the Jamaican resort for another five days to deal with a broken heart. In 1995, Fez is doing well running Chez Fez, which has turned him into a minor celebrity in Point Place, Wisconsin, and he’s obviously enjoying the time spent with Sherry (although Red manages to separate Fez and Sherry, they’re back together by the time of the finale of this Netflix show “Kids and America”). However, it’s clear that Fez is still hurting because of the breakup with Jackie a decade and a half later.

Kelso and Jackie are still not in a stable relationship

So Fez and Jackie weren’t meant to be together, but how is Jackie doing with Kelso these days? After all, if she wanted to contact him so soon after she and Fez met, then surely she realized that he was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, right? Maybe at the time, yes, but eventually the story with these two keeps repeating itself.

At the end of the first episode of The Show of the 90s, The Pilot of the 90s, right after Jay from Mace Coronel reveals to Red that his last name is Kelso, the characters of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis appear, and Michael Kelso supports his son. and make fun of Red when Jay and Leia spend time together. But here’s the strangest thing: Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart’s visit to Foreman’s kitchen is just a stop on the way to the wedding… again… for the second time. That’s right, this will be their third wedding (although Jackie wears white to convince people that this is their first time so they get the best gifts), but they are sure that this will be the only wedding. Their confidence is not reassuring when they are satisfied that their son is hanging out with friends at the lake, and does not come to the wedding.

While Mila Kunis “called it nonsense” that Jackie ended up going back to Kelso rather than staying with Fez, perhaps the writers of the “90s Show” chose this couple because she and Ashton Kutcher are married, and therefore it was easier to get them together on set. instead of coordinating the schedules of Kunis and Wilder Valderrama. Whatever the reason, Kutcher and Kunis only appear in the first episode of The ’90s Show, but Netflix subscribers can watch the entire first season to see what other familiar faces appear in the ’70s Show. Fans of “Beverly Hill, 90210” will also get thrown out of the sixth episode of “The Birthday Girl,” in which one of the original stars of the teen drama appears.


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