The ’90s Show Doesn’t Really Destroy Donna’s Character


While Donna didn’t want to have a small child in the ’70s Show, her daughter Leia didn’t really betray her character in the ’90s Show. The Netflix series “The Show of the 90s” tells about the teenage daughter of Eric Foreman and Donna Pinciotti, Leia, who spends the summer of 1995 in Point Place, Wisconsin, with Red and Kitty. While the upcoming sitcom focuses on how their daughter is forming bonds with a new generation of teenagers from Point Place, Donna and Eric will not be starring in the “90s Show.” However, Laura Prepon and Topher Grace are going to return as their “70s Show” characters in guest appearances.

15 and a half years after the finale of the series “Show of the 70s”, “Show of the 90s” already reveals several key details about the future of Donna and Eric. It has now been confirmed that the couple reunited after kissing in the finale of the “70s Show, and the couple got pregnant very quickly, given that their daughter was about 15 years old at the beginning of the “90s Show. Donna’s desire not to have a child at an early age was already an important plot point in the first season of the “70s Show, when she started taking birth control pills, which caused criticism of the “90s Show, which betrayed Donna’s character, forcing her to do just that.

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Despite the fact that Donna initially didn’t want to have children at such an early age, this ’90s show revealing that Leia was born shortly after the end of this ’70s show doesn’t necessarily destroy her character. Donna was primarily motivated not to be stuck in Point Place for the rest of her life, as she always had dreams of a bigger, independent future elsewhere. Even in the alternate timeline of the “70s Show, based on Eric’s experience of “This Wonderful Life,” Donna’s future was quite tragic because she couldn’t continue writing after Hyde had such young children. However, the “90s Show” hints that this is not the case, because although Donna had Leia when she was only 20 or 21, she left Point Place. The fact that Leia is “visiting” her grandparents, Red and Kitty from the ’70s show, for the summer, when she meets new teenagers from Point Place, suggests that she, Eric and Donna don’t live near the city. Donna didn’t want to get stuck in Point Place, and “The ’90s Show” suggests that she successfully got out of it—even with a young daughter.

Donna can still fulfill her dreams in this 90s show

Eric’s dream “The Show of the 70s”, season 4 “This Wonderful Life”, indicated that Donna would not be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful writer if she got married and had children at an early age. However, this was just an imaginary alternate reality, not how her life would actually end in the real world. If Donna ran away from Point Place, we can also assume that she became a talented writer, which she always dreamed of being in the “70s Show.” Presumably, Donna was still going to college after the “70s Show ended, and since Eric’s tuition was already being paid after his year in Africa, they probably had the means to go to school together while raising Leia outside of Point Place.

If the ’90s Show had followed Donna and Eric raising a teenage Leia in Point Place, just 15 years after the ’70s Show, criticism of the spin-off betraying her character would have been more justified. Donna just wanted to leave Point Place and pursue an independent career, and the “90s Show” indicated that she was successful in these endeavors. Since the ’90s Show already describes Leia as a smart and snarky mix of her parents from the ’70s Show, the sequel series seems to firmly capture the essence of Donna’s character.


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