The 90-day groom: What happened to the cast of season 9 this week (June 13)


The 10th episode of the 9th season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days” may have been a holiday of slumber, but a lot of interesting things have happened to the actors behind the scenes over the past seven days. Recall what happened on the show: Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramon had a big fight over finances on Sunday evening after going shopping for home decor. Thais wanted more than a $46.01 vase, but Patrick reminded her that he had already spent $10,000 on her since she arrived in the US. Ariela Weinberg was worried that Biniyam Shibre would get hurt during his MMA fight. Perhaps Angela Dim, cheering him on from the audience, brought him luck, as Biniyam won his match in 33 seconds.

Kara Bass, a real estate agent who has not yet sold the house, met with a friend named Tim, who predicted that she and Guillermo Rojer would not last more than five years. Bilal Hazziez and Shaida Suin went to meet his sister Nefertari in Atlanta, where the yoga expert went to do wedding shopping with her daughter-in-law. Shaida wondered if Bilal would turn out to be like her two former suitors, and he disappointed her even more by showing her a copy of their marriage contract.

The relationship between Miona Bell and Jibri Bell was also not going too well. Jibri’s parents, Mahala and Brian, don’t want him to marry Mion, and they have a problem with him giving in to her demands for a beach wedding. The urgency of their wedding may mean that some family members will stay away, but an angry Miona warned Jibri that if they don’t get married within 90 days, she will leave him. Meanwhile, Emily Biberli bought herself a ring in case she didn’t like what Cobie Blaze would choose for her, spending a quarter of his total savings.

Thais tells what she actually did for a living in Brazil

While Thais and Patrick were fighting for his money during Sunday night’s episode, she seemed to be making a good living for herself in Brazil. She conducted a Q&A with her Instagram followers, during which she revealed many secrets about her past before TLC. A fan of 90 Day Fiancé asked Thais what she was doing to work in Brazil. “So my dad has trucks,” she said, before adding, “the ones that build condos, tall buildings, etc.” The 25—year—old used to work for her dad’s company and helped him by doing a lot of tasks. In her spare time, Thais studied dietetics in college, and also helped create fashion pages in the newspaper. “I worked on many things at the same time,” admitted Thais, who likes to do “1000” things.

Angela is seen by fans during Biniyama’s fight in MMA

Singer, dancer, circus performer and fitness expert Biniyam is also an MMA fighter, as fans found out after seeing him in “90 Day Fiancé”. In the 10th episode, Biniyam entered the ring and managed to hold his opponent with a “choke hold from behind” in 33 seconds. While Ariela and her mother Janice Weinberg were in the crowd to watch Biniyama fight, there was another familiar face. Angela Dim was seen supporting Biniyam from the front row, wearing a stylish red jumpsuit and with her trademark high ponytail. Those who follow Angela and Biniyam on Instagram may know that the partners in the film “90-day groom” are good friends, and that the MMA fight was filmed back in August 2021, shortly after his arrival in the United States.

Emily and Kobi had their second child

Although fans find this season boring and feel that it has been going on for a long time, they have only watched 10 episodes of the 90-day Groom so far. There’s still a lot of drama ahead, and it seems that the teaser was right when it hinted that Emily and Kobe would get pregnant again. According to the Instagram page @fraudedmedia, Emily and Kobi attended the Tell-All show, which was filmed in New York over the weekend. It is reported that they arrived with their little girl. Secret photos of the couple taken from behind allegedly show Guillermo holding Emily and Kobi’s baby. The page also claims that Kara is expecting a baby from Guillermo. While Kobe and Emily’s secret may soon be revealed on 90 Day Fiancé, the reunion episode is where the tea will really be spilled.