The 90-day groom: What happened before the 90-day cast this week (June 13)


Somehow the 90-day Groom: Until the 90-day season 5, the actors always manage to keep TLC viewers excited about their lives and what happened after the show ended. However, some of the stars of the spin-off “90-day groom” have been hiding. Mike Burke doesn’t post much on Instagram, as does Jimena Morales, who now has a new boyfriend. Johnny Chao also went missing from IG, but his partner Ella Johnson impressed fans with her weight loss progress.

Like Ella, Mahogany Roca is working on her fitness and continues to show off her slim figure online. Her co-star Hamza Moknii spent Father’s Day feeling sad because he was away from his daughter. Hamza’s estranged wife, Memphis Sandoval, asked people to stop poking their noses into her business. Kim Menzies and Usman “Sojaboy” Umar are still strong.

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Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda are more in love than ever. Rumor has it that Jasmine, whose K-1 visa will be ready soon, got a role in the next season of “The 90-day groom with Gino.” Caleb Greenwood can be seen in the current season of The 90 Days Diaries. Meanwhile, Caleb’s ex-girlfriend, Alina Kozhevnikova, a fired participant in the series “The Groom for 90 Days,” shared a little information about her new life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after leaving Russia with her best friend Elijah.

Jasmine told how much she spends on her body

During the 90-day Groom: Before the 5th season of 90 Days, Gino claimed that he spent money on Jasmine’s eyebrows, hair and teeth while being unemployed. However, in her new YouTube video, which lasts 27 minutes, Jasmine listed all the procedures she did and who paid for them. “He didn’t pay for anything. He only paid once for my hair extensions,” Jasmine said, adding that the cost was only “100 something.” Later, Jasmine remembered that Gino paid for her lip blush procedure, which cost him about $180. Former American literature teacher Jasmine spent $6,000 on breast implants, $1,300 on a dental implant, a total of $540 on eyebrows and $1,250 on lip fillers, which she did five times. In addition, Jasmine has done lip blush tattooing three more times, which cost her $ 720, along with 15 plasma facial treatments worth $ 1,050, hair extensions for $ 1,400 and, finally, permanent eyeliner for $ 200, which she does not recommend buying.

Kim shares the big secret of her relationship with Usman

Despite the fact that Kim and Usman’s relationship was on rocky ground during the 90-day groom: before the 90-day universal, the couple is surprisingly still together. Usman is in Nigeria, and Kim seems to be in the USA. Fans wanted to know how Kim and Usman managed to keep the spark in their relationship, despite the fact that they are at a distance. Kim recently told an Instagram follower that she and Usman talk to each other during the day. She said that they have a good system, and believes that excellent communication is a top priority. Obviously, she talks to Usman on the phone three or four times a day.

Ben Bond with another colleague from the film “90 days of the bride”

Since his last 90-day marriage: Until the 90-day term, former Pastor Ben has been busy finding new friends and working at his new job. Ben was fired from his position as director of the Michigan Lupus Foundation, but has now found a job as a creative content writer for a motorcycle magazine. Ben deleted his Instagram profile, but last weekend he spent time with the former actor of the series “90-day bride” Caesar Mack. The manicure master Caesar was in the storyline of catfish, like Ben, with the Ukrainian Maria Devine. However, unlike Ben, who seems to be still with Mahogany, Caesar has never met Maria in person.