The 90-day groom: what Annie Suwan said about her plastic surgery


Another image of the popular Annie Suwan Toborowski in the TV series “The 90-day groom” led to an increase in rumors that she had plastic surgery, and now the Thai beauty is solving this problem. Annie became a regular member of the franchise along with her husband David Toborowski after her debut in the fifth season of The 90-Day Groom. The couple faced drama in the relationship due to various things, such as his drunkenness, his opposing family and money problems. But soon David and Annie became one of the most successful couples in the franchise. A lot has changed for Annie and David. David’s weight loss story inspires fans, and Annie’s new face causes a stir.

It took David a few days to fall in love with Annie, but the fan-loved couple managed to stay together, despite the fact that several of their peers broke up after difficult times. One of the main reasons why fans love David and Annie is their openness. Being completely yourself on 90 Day Fiancé and on social media really helped David and Annie create a special fan base for themselves. Fans don’t complain about seeing David and Annie in several spin-offs, as they might with other boring or problematic actors of the 90-day groom. But Annie’s recent appearance on Pillow Talk has made her the subject of heated debate.

In May 2019, fans started noticing that “90 Day Fiancé” star Annie looked different when she was on a month-long vacation in Thailand with David. Annie and David were promoting a video about their upcoming season of Pillow Talk in a post when fans wondered what was going on with Annie’s eyes. “What’s wrong with Annie’s eyes?” the fan asked, and Annie replied: “I have an operation on my eyes.” Annie told another fan, who praised her new look, about how she is recovering, writing: “I just need a couple of months for my eyes to get back to normal.” However, Annie was accused of having a blepharoplasty procedure to give up her Asian roots.

When someone noticed that Annie wanted to appear “less Asian,” she told them, “I have vision problems, and this has nothing to do with my Asian.” Moreover, Annie added that, on the contrary, she considers “Asian eyes” the most beautiful in the world. In August 2020, Annie posted an amazing selfie with the caption “Oh, the new camera is great,” but fans thought it was Annie’s “new nose” that made her so beautiful. Annie apparently didn’t respond to the accusations, but during an episode of 90 Day Bares All in 2021, 90 Day Fiancé host Sean Robinson addressed the “little things” that Annie had “tweaked.” David spoke on behalf of Annie to inform her that his wife had her eyes made, except for a wisdom tooth that needed to be treated. In April 2022, Annie’s famous 90-day-old bride wrote: “Lip injection has nothing to do with abandoning fans,” criticizing an Instagram follower who commented that Annie made lips to join OnlyFans.

However, fans talked about a possible buccal fat removal procedure, chin implant and neck liposuction, which Annie could do in addition to double eyelid surgery and the proposed rhinoplasty. Despite this, Annie has grown and matured a lot since fans first saw her on 90 Day Fiancé in 2017, and she is no longer the 24-year-old girl David met in Thailand. Recently, Annie lost a lot of weight and said that she had dropped six sizes of clothes in the last year alone. Annie’s fitness transformation may be the reason her face shape has changed. And even if Annie has had additional plastic surgery, many viewers of 90 Day Fiance will agree that it is done with taste, and hope that she will not resort to drastic measures in the future.