The 90-day Groom: the times when viewers sided with Angela, not Michael


“The 90-day Groom” stars Angela Dim and Michael Ilesanmi are one of the most infamous couples in the franchise thanks to their tumultuous relationship, big age difference and cultural clashes. The duo caused incredible controversy among fans: some viewers took to social media to express support for Michael, while others came out in support of Angela. Although many viewers sympathize with Michael, since Angela is very domineering and prone to outbursts of anger, there were several shocking moments when viewers doubted Michael’s loyalty to Angela. Fans do not hesitate to express a negative opinion about Michael online.

Grandma and Georgia native Angela met a young man Michael via the Internet. Fans saw how the couple met in Michael’s home country, Nigeria, in the series “90-day Groom: Before the 90-day season 2.” During the first season, the couple faced conflict due to their many disagreements. They have a 22-year age difference, and they belong to different cultures. After their K-1 visa request was rejected, they got married in Nigeria in January 2020. At the moment, they apparently still live in different countries.

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Angela is the controversial cast of the 90-Day Bride series. She aroused the anger and sympathy of fans of the franchise. Some see her as a controlling partner, but many see her as a hardworking woman who has a lot to do. She is raising six grandchildren alone, and used to take care of her late mother. Having given up love after her first marriage broke up, Angela felt great hopes again when she met Michael. Here are the moments when fans rallied around Angela after Michael let her down.

“Blowjob incident”

When Angela and Michael started dating from a distance, she struggled with trust when it came to Michael. At first it seemed that this was the result of Angela’s control, but at an incredibly painful moment it turned out that her suspicions had a very real basis. Angela told Michael on the screen about the incident. He confessed to her that he cheated once when he received oral sex from a woman he drove home. Although Michael was honest about this abuse of trust, he assured Angela and the audience that this was the only time he had ever cheated on Angela. However, it was quite clear that this made Angela feel insecure and offended, and the audience came to her defense.

Comment about Angela’s weight

When Angela first came to visit┬áMichael went to his native Nigeria, she went with him to the artisan market. He insisted that the clothes should be the same in the Nigerian style, since, according to him, it was common for couples to have coordinated outfits. Angela expressed some uncertainty about the clothes that fit her, telling him that it was better to look at the fabric than try on ready-made clothes. In a conversation with a merchant who was engaged in the creation and sale of clothes, Michael began to discuss Angela’s body, telling the merchant that “she is embarrassed because she is fat.” At that moment it was clear that Angela was humiliated. She had just expressed her insecurities about her size to Michael, and he confirmed her worst fears by publicly commenting on her weight. Fans sympathized with her at this moment.

Not to support Angela during surgery

Throughout her time working on the franchise, Angela struggled with both body image issues and pain related to her weight and breasts. Recently, she decided to take measures to live a healthier and happier life. Happily Ever After? In the fifth season, she started exercising, preparing for weight loss and breast reduction surgery. When she informed Michael that she would have these procedures, he did not support her. He insisted that she keep her big breasts for his benefit, and said that Angela should spend the money on IVF so that they could have a baby. When Angela was recovering from major surgery, Michael did not contact her and did not offer her any care or support.

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Despite the fact that he was not behind Angela’s decision to undergo the procedures, fans were shocked when he flatly refused to support his wife in this stressful and difficult process. After this incident, fans were sure that the couple would break up. However, judging by Angela’s hints on social media, it seems that the 90-day-old groom’s couple is still together.