The 90-Day Groom: Ranking of Emily’s most dramatic ups and downs on the show


The star of the 9th season of the TV series “New Bride for 90 days” Emily Biberli has become the most controversial actress after a season of ups and downs. TLC viewers met the 29-year-old girl when she was looking forward to the arrival of her boyfriend Cobie Blaze. They first met when Emily was working as an English teacher in China. They immediately felt a spark, and after one night with Kobi, Emily spent two weeks with him.

Soon after their first meeting, the couple got engaged, and later found out that she was pregnant with her first child. Emily returned to the United States while Kobi was waiting for his K-1 visa to be approved. Unfortunately, Kobi missed the birth of his child due to visa processing delays amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Cameroonian native has finally arrived in the US to marry his Emily and become a loving father to his newborn son.

He had no idea that his fiancee had changed a lot during this time. When he got to the USA, Kobe realized that Emily would cause more drama in his life than he expected. After seeing Emily’s condescending actions towards Kobi in the 90-day Groom, many viewers think that she does not deserve him.

3. Emily trusts Kobi

Emily’s biggest thrill from the 90-day fiance happened when she first arrived at the airport to pick up Kobi. During the couple’s reunion, Kobi drew attention to Emily’s weight gain and mentioned that she looks “different.” Although Emily was shocked by the groom’s remark, she did not let him spoil her mood. Instead, she let it slip away and continued her long-awaited sexual time at the hotel. Another moment that highlighted the Kansas native was when she defended her relationship. During one episode of season 9 of The 90-day Groom, Emily’s parents asked her to reconsider her decision to marry Kobi, but Emily rejected the idea based on her inner feelings for him.

2. Emily makes fun of Kobi’s fears

One of Emily’s most villainous moments occurred when she made fun of Kobi’s fears without remorse. She grew up working on her parents’ farm and next to animals, and she has no problems with them. But Kobe has no experience working with animals; therefore, he felt uncomfortable about some tasks, such as pouring horse manure into a bucket. When Kobi explained to Emily that horses make him uncomfortable, she made fun of him and laughed at him along with her mother Lisa. This incident infuriated many fans of 90 Day Fiancé, who urged Emily to make fun of Kobi’s fears and not apologize for it.

1. Emily’s wedding ring

One of Emily’s most notable failures is the time she bought an engagement ring by publicly castrating Kobi. During the season 9 episode “The 90-day Groom”, where Emily tried on different wedding dresses, she told the truth about her spare engagement ring. According to Emily, she bought a one-carat ring because she wasn’t sure Kobe would be able to buy it. Emily added that since she requires special care, she wouldn’t settle for anything less. Most viewers, including Emily’s parents, thought it was a bad idea for her to hide such an expensive purchase from Kobi. In addition, fans were shocked to see Emily mocking Kobe’s inability to buy something, even though she didn’t have a good source of income at the time either. While this is highly unlikely, it would be interesting to see if Emily can redeem herself to fans of the “90-day groom” in the future.