The 90-day Groom: Mike Youngquist’s Transformation with Weight Loss in pictures


Mike Youngquist from 90 Day Fiancé went an impressive way to losing weight before and after meeting his ex-wife Natalie Mordovtseva. At the time of his reality show debut, Mike was 34 years old and lived in Sequim, Washington. He moved to his family’s 27-acre farm, where he lived with his ranch, “Uncle Bo” Lawrence. Mike fell in love with actress and journalist Natalie from Kiev, Ukraine, who soon moved to the United States to live with him in a trailer in the woods. Mike and Natalie went through several ups and downs on the popular show, and he even broke up with her on their wedding day.

Reluctantly, Natalie and Mike got married, and there were only a few hours left before her K-1 visa expired. The wedding took place in April 2020, and by December Natalie had dumped Mike. After that, she started her program “90 Day: The Single Life” in Florida. There were several factors that led to Mike and Natalie’s breakup, including the long hours he spent commuting to and from work, as well as his mom Trish Youngquist, who didn’t like Natalie. Since Natalie left his life, Mike now lives in an apartment that is a few blocks from his work, and Trish is his roommate. Meanwhile, Mike put his Sequim property up for sale for $675,000.

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During Natalie’s single life telling everything, Mike reported that he had not submitted any documents for her green card, which means that Natalie’s immigration status is in limbo. However, Mike and Natalie have allegedly not divorced yet, but there are rumors that she is dating a new man named Josh from California, whom she recently met. Mike prefers to keep his personal life a secret, although he has been linked to reality TV star Marcia Brazil. If there’s one thing Mike isn’t afraid to brag about, it’s his weight loss progress.

Mike shows weight gain

Although Natalie had two husbands before meeting Mike, he was also married to another woman before Natalie. In fact, both Natalie and Mike were going through a divorce when they were brought together by mutual friends Matt and Svetlana. Presumably, Mike and his ex-wife Kristen got married in 2015 and divorced in 2016. “When my marriage broke up, it was very unexpected,” Mike said in season 7 of The 90—day Groom. Mike’s ex-wife left him for another woman, whom she is now married to. Meanwhile, the divorce took a heavy toll on Mike’s health, as his weight rose to about 340 pounds.

Mike starts his weight loss journey

Despite being 6ft 7in tall, Mike has admitted in the past that he was “much bigger” and just didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. Soon he realized that he wanted to change his life. Mike started exercising and changed his diet. By the time fans met Mike in the 7th season of the TV series “90 days of the groom” in 2019, he managed to lose about 80 pounds in two years. When Mike went to Ukraine later in the season to meet Natalie, she took him for morning runs. “Sports are really important for health and well—being,” Natalie told Mike. She saw “great potential” in the American and believed that he could become a strong runner because “he is tall. He has long legs.” Meanwhile, Natalie’s second ex-husband was in the military, so Mike may have felt insecure about being out of shape.

Mike shows off his brand new look after Natalie Split

Unfortunately, Mike never saw himself as a runner, as he did not feel balanced while running. Although Mike may not have discussed his growing weight in recent seasons, due to everything that’s been going on between him and Natalie, he’s now working on his revenge body. In his last Instagram selfie, Mike said he was “back in business” and showed off a new haircut and a fresh shave. Knowing that Mike is probably not married right now, fans of 90 Day Fiancé left comments like “looks beautiful” and “Lindo” on Mike’s IG page. Now that Natalie is in better shape than ever, having lost more than 30 pounds, Mike may have decided to increase his own fitness game in case the impending second divorce affects his weight again.