The 90-day Groom: Luis Mendes’ Path to Weight Loss in pictures


The star of the 5th season of “The 90-day groom” Luis Mendes was a bartender in the Dominican Republic when American Molly Hopkins fell in love with him. Although he showed a lot of charm at first, his relationship turned into a disaster. He not only bullied Molly, but also inappropriately talked to her underage children, including asking 17-year-old Olivia provocative questions about her sex life.

Regretting their secret marriage, Molly divorced Louis. Despite the difficulties after the fifth season, including a quarrel with her daughter Olivia, Molly thrived. She is a successful entrepreneur with her own company, LiviRae Lingerie.

Louis found a new wife, but his second marriage broke up. Last year, there were reports that Luis would soon be deported from America back to the Dominican Republic. According to Louis’ Instagram, he still lives in New Jersey.


Luis relatively rarely uses social networks, this year he has published only one post. However, judging by what he documented on Instagram, his weight loss progress over the past few years is impressive. Luis deleted old gym photos from his Instagram, and the only remaining photo of his old workouts dates back to 2017, before Luis got into the “90-day groom.” As mentioned above, Louis paid a lot of attention to toning his hands.

Summer 2020

The photo of Luis “before” was published in June 2020, during the pandemic. In the photo, he visits the Solara Orlando resort with his family. Despite the fact that the post captures a funny moment, the comments on this particular photo addressed to Louis are almost unanimously negative. The storm of Louis’ relationship with Molly was equal to the negative public reaction he received due to spending time on the series. Despite the fact that Luis gets a lot of shade in the 90 Day Fiancé community, he has 42,000 followers on Instagram. As his fitness journey continues, the comments section of his posts is gradually becoming more positive.

Autumn 2020

Above is the first photo of Luis, in which he returned to the gym after the outbreak of the pandemic, when he was wearing a black mask. Just four months after the “before” photo, Louis has already returned his hands to the torn state of 2017. Louis wears a tight-fitting black T-shirt, gray shorts and a hat with a clasp. Despite the fact that sometimes I was dragged online, most of the comments on this post were positive. Fans praised how great, in their opinion, Louis looked, and one loyal subscriber said: “I see the benefits.” However, one critic of the former “90-day groom” graduate summed up his thoughts about Louis by saying: “You SUCK.”


As mentioned earlier, Luis doesn’t often post on social media, perhaps because he has received negative online in the past. In the most recent photo, which best shows his hands, Louis is “vibrating” in an apartment on Long Island, New York, with club blue lighting and a flat-screen TV in the background. He looks like he’s about to go to a party, confidently dressed in pink aviator sunglasses, a backward-facing cap, ripped jeans, a gold chain and a watch. Although his pink “Never Give Up” T-shirt doesn’t accentuate his arms like the black shirt from his last gym photo, a year later it’s clear he’s still sticking to his workout regime. Most likely, it refreshes Louis, his recent posts of 2021 are almost entirely positive.

After the negative reaction to his stay in season 5, Molly’s ex-husband Luis Mendes from the 90-day Groom is likely to continue to maintain a not-so-positive relationship with the 90-day Groom community. Although it is unknown if he will be deported soon due to his second divorce, the remaining fans of Luis will have to follow his Instagram to keep up with his life. As a consolation prize, the online fans who remained loyal to Louis are proud of how he lost weight for himself.