The 90-Day Groom: Happily Ever After Finally revealed Michael and Lesam Ni’s side in Angela Dim’s drama, and now I don’t know what to believe


Warning! The following contains spoilers for the 90-day groom: Happily ever after? episode “Out of my system”. Read at your own risk!

90-day groom: happily ever after? with his pairs, he shoots all the dramatic cylinders, but, as usual, none of them goes through something as intense as the one that Angela Dim got into. So far, we’ve learned that Angela was chatting online with a former Las Vegas stripper, but only because she thought her husband Michael Ilesanmi was cheating on her. In the last episode, when Angela and her friend secretly fly to Nigeria to meet Michael, the audience finally learned his side of the story. And now that we’ve heard his take on things, I honestly don’t know who to believe.

After viewers saw Michael take a swimming lesson to overcome his fear of swimming pools, we finally decided to listen to his claims regarding the alleged “fraud“. Let’s take it apart and see if what he says holds up, or if Angela understands something.

What, according to Michael, happened to Angela

Michael began the explanation by stating that when he first started the process of getting a visa to move to America, Angela told him to quit his job to be a homemaker. Michael agreed on the condition that she send him the money, which she did for a while. However, at some point, Angela began to cut Michael’s allowance, which inspired him to decide to allegedly imitate his wife and become an influential person on social networks. Michael explained that he hopes to start making money through this channel, thus sticking to the idea of not working outside the home. But if that’s the case, Angela clearly wasn’t a fan of this endeavor.

Michael admitted that Angela was unhappy that he started a separate account on a social network, but with her refusal to give him the money he needed, he saw no reason why he should stop. Michael concluded his segment on the 90-day Fiance: Happily Ever After? stating that he still loves Angela, but it is clear that they both have problems that need to be solved.

Is Michael telling the truth?

Michael’s story seems to directly address any suspicions that he did something wrong in this situation, diverting attention from claims that he was directly unfaithful, which in itself is a bit suspicious. At the same time, viewers of 90 Day FiancĂ© are familiar enough with Michael and Angela to know that such unclear situations happen in their relationship all the time (even if there are fewer boob shows this time). I mean, we’re at a point where we’re debating whether Michael created a social media account more for flirting or more for monetary gain, more or less ignoring the fact that it’s perfectly normal for him to have a social network. presence.

It is also worth noting that before the start of this season, there were rumors that Michael and Angela no longer have a romantic relationship, but they stayed together to star in the movie “90-day groom: happily ever after?”. There is a chance that this rumor, which also said that Michael’s visa was approved ahead of his impending plans to travel to the United States in the near future, will turn out to be true. Although at the time of the last episode, the situation with Michael’s visa is still not resolved.

Given this rumor and the fact that the 90-day-old groom has a notable track record of actors claiming scenes were rigged for the camera, it’s really hard to decipher whose version of the truth wins out here. Ultimately, it will all come down to which side viewers are more sympathetic to, unless in the following episodes there is some definitive evidence pointing to the obvious wrongdoing of one side (or both). We will definitely find out more soon, considering that Angela was last seen near his house, disassembling his car. Which is also not a good sign of anything.

90-day groom: happily ever after? It airs on TLC on Sundays at 20:00. ET. The TV program for 2022 is absolutely filled with new shows that are worth watching. I can’t guarantee that they will deliver quality drama at the same level as Angela, but there will definitely be some big shows this season.


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