The 90-day groom: Everything we know about Larisa’s failed surgery Are we


Larissa Lima has been known for her extreme plastic surgery since she was fired from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and now she’s revealing details about her botched navel surgery. Larisa went through a long transformation of plastic surgery, which cost her more than $70,000. Despite the fact that Larissa has stated that her goal is to look like a pouty doll, the former “90—day Groom” star is devastated by the results of some of her procedures.

Larissa first appeared in season 6 of The 90-day Groom with her now ex-husband Colt Johnson. She quickly became infamous in the franchise due to her explosive personality, which made the Brazilian bombshell a polarizing figure. Larissa broke her contract with TLC during 90 Day Fiancé: Happly Ever After? and was subsequently fired from the franchise. After her dismissal, Larisa focused on starting her plastic transformation from head to toe. Then Larissa started publishing adult content online to earn money, thanks to her 90-day fame.

This week Larisa decided to tell about her unsuccessful navel. Last year Larisa debuted with a scandalous cosmetic procedure, during which she added fake advertising on her stomach. Many fans of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise did not consider it necessary and called the procedure too fake. Larissa’s “Six-pack” wasn’t the only strange difference fans noticed at the time, as she suddenly stopped exposing her navel. Larisa said that her navel was removed without her consent during a tummy tuck operation. Since then, the former reality TV star has been trying to change jobs to create a new belly button, but found it impossible. However, very few fans expressed sympathy for Larisa.

Larisa has received a lot of negative reaction from fans for her aggressive behavior in the past, selfish attitude and dramatic antics. Larisa seems to love attention, which is why many viewers accuse her of using her unhappiness for financial gain and more attention. Many fans of the 90-day groom do not sympathize with Larisa, because she chose these procedures herself. However, Larissa has received some support, including Colt’s ex-wife, Vanessa Guerra. She also thanked supermodel Linda Evangelista for giving her the courage to talk about her botched surgery after Linda shared her negative experience with CoolSculpting.

Some fans of the 90-day-old groom were disappointed with Larissa for not being honest about her failed navel procedure. Larisa previously shared that she would like to have some of her ribs removed, which led fans to mistakenly believe that Larisa had undergone a controversial procedure. However, Larissa has since revealed that it was her navel, not the removal, which fans of the 90-day-old groom were happy to hear.