The 90-day Groom: Charlie Pottast’s Transformation with Weight Loss in pictures


Charlie Pothast from “The 90-Day Groom: Happily Ever After?” Season 6 has experienced a tumultuous relationship with fans. The brother and son-in-law of the stars of the “90-day groom” Elizabeth Pothast and Moldavian Andrei Castravet, Charlie made it clear from the very beginning that he did not love his son-in-law. Despite Andrey’s own contradictions, Charlie faced a negative reaction to his toxicity, alcohol abuse, criminal past and a physical fight he had with Andrey during a party in the season finale. Revealed during the 90-day Groom: Happily ever After? Tell everyone, Charlie was “canceled” from the family.

Charlie is no longer engaged in the family home sales business, he is focused on his own business, his wife and four children. Charlie’s wife, Megan, whom he has been dating since the age of 21, is a content creator and influencer on Amazon. Most of her Instagram posts feature funny, healthy and beautiful recipes. Megan protected Charlie from his family during their argument.

Leaving aside the controversy over the 90-day-old groom, the positive thing in Charlie’s life is his weight loss. The last photo of Charlie before he lost weight was published in 2019 by his wife Megan, in which they attend a wedding. The caption from Megan reads: “6 years of family happiness [smiling rosy face] haha, this is a joke! Marriage is hard, but I love my boyfriend more than he’ll ever know.” Charlie posted the same photo a year later and captioned his post: “Happy birthday, my beautiful wife and wonderful mom. Love you.” Unfortunately, in this post Charlie received negative comments about his weight. Since then, there have been rumors online that his weight loss was motivated by bodyshaming and negative comments due to a feud with Andrey. Whatever the reason or motivation for this change in his health and weight, Charlie is working on himself.

The first look at Charlie’s progress in his weight loss was posted on his Instagram in March 2021. During a fun day on the beach with his wife and four children, the former star of the 90-day groom shows off his toned arms, legs and abs. in blue swimming trunks. Although the comments on his post are mostly negative due to Charlie’s negative reaction to the “90-day groom,” positive fan comments included the beauty of his family and how “the water looks so beautiful.”

In a more recent post from May 8, Charlie shared photos of himself and his family celebrating Mother’s Day. Posing on the dock with his wife surrounded by palm trees, Charlie, who mocked Andrei and Libby, was dressed in a matching shirt and shorts covered with stripes, palm leaves and cheeky flamingos. His sunglasses and white sneakers with beige add spice to the image. Other photos of the Mother’s Day Instagram post show him confidently back at the beach with his family, which is a sign that his healthy lifestyle change is here to stay. Fans of 90 Day FiancĂ© reacted more positively to Charlie’s Instagram posts, with comments dedicated to Megan’s appearance and wishing her a happy Mother’s Day.

Despite the continuing negative feelings towards him from fans on the Internet, including calling Charlie a “tool”, his path to a healthier lifestyle has become positive not only for him, but also for his future with his wife and four children. Viewers can only hope for a reconciliation between Charlie and his family in a potential new season of “The 90-day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” if it ever happened. In the meantime, Charlie should celebrate healthy weight loss.