The 90-day groom: all the beauty treatments that Angela Dim did


Angela Dim may have entered the 90 Day Fiancé franchise to show off her relationship with Michael Ilesanmi, but now she’s been working hard to chronicle her extensive cosmetic and plastic transformations. The US native has appeared in many of the franchise’s shows since debuting in The 90-Day Groom: Up to 90 Days. While Angela’s marriage to Michael is now put on the back burner, the villain of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise continues to broadcast his large-scale physical transformations and plans for future plastic surgery.

Angela fell in love with a young Nigerian-born Michael, despite the fact that she was several decades older and misled him about her desire and ability to have children. After a long wait for the approval of Michael’s American visa, Angela decided to abandon the promised infertility treatment and instead change her appearance in the movie “90-day groom: Happily ever after?” Season 6. When Michael disapproved of her plastic surgery, Angela broke up with him during the episode “Tell-All”. Although Michael has since had his visa approved for the United States and will appear with Angela in the upcoming seventh season of Happily Ever After, the season preview shows Angela making plans with a Canadian gentleman named Vasilios Bill Sotiropoulos.

Angela seems to have left her husband Michael, as her main focus is on herself. Angela spoke for the first time about her decision to have plastic surgery in the Happily Ever After program. Although she referred to the state of health as a decisive factor in favor of surgery for weight loss, Angela also admitted that she wants to feel better in her body. In August 2020, Angela underwent gastric sleeve surgery, breast reduction and liposuction. This televised trial involved Angela flirting with her plastic surgeon, with whom she was later rumored to be having an affair. However, the affair has not been confirmed, despite fans revealing her doctor’s dubious romantic past. Angela’s combined surgeries helped her quickly lose 90 pounds from her previous weight of 273 pounds. However, she was not satisfied with these results alone.

Although it is clear that the star of the series “90-day groom” Angela gained self-confidence thanks to her procedures, she did not stop changing her appearance. In fact, Angela seemed more eager to keep changing her appearance after she got the results she was happy with. Then Angela had a facelift and a breast lift to get rid of sagging skin. She also had plastic surgery on her hands and announced her desire to have a butt lift in the future. Most recently, Angela had dental implants inserted. She shared this process in “Diaries for 90 days and is absolutely delighted with her new smile. Meanwhile, Angela is also changing her social media appearance with filters and photo editing.

Angela looks very different in the promotional photos of the seventh season of Happily Ever After. Although the combination of plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, weight loss and styling significantly changed the appearance of the 56-year-old girl, Angela also looked heavily photoshopped in season 7. promotional shots, for which she was called upon by many fans of the franchise. While Angela is concerned about her appearance, many fans urge her to focus on how she treats other people. However, Angela doesn’t seem to be worried about critics as she prepares to release another season of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise content.


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