The 90-Day Fiance: The Times when Molly Hopkins Flaunted her Weight Loss


In the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, Molly Hopkins has undergone a much-publicized weight loss transformation, and she’s showing off her results on social media. Molly completely changed herself after her divorce from Luis Mendes, losing weight and changing her appearance. Now Molly is proudly showing off her new figure to fans of the 90-day Groom franchise.

Molly decided to make some changes in her life more than a year ago, around the same time she started dating Brooklyn cop Kelly Brown on 90 Day: The Single Life. The mother decided to lose weight dramatically by changing her diet. While many 90 Day Fiancé actors turned to plastic surgery to lose weight, Molly decided to change the way she eats. However, she also says that dietary supplements have helped her lose weight. The owner of a business in Atlanta regularly advertises Plexus products to her subscribers.

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Although she has been praised for her body transformation, her promotion of Plexus products is causing controversy about her weight loss. Molly has been criticized for promoting supplements, as many fans consider Plexus a pyramid scheme. Other viewers wonder if Plexus products are a trick. Since Molly is already a successful businesswoman, some people don’t understand why she felt obligated to sell weight loss products to her subscribers. However, many fans of Molly praised her new look. Meanwhile, Molly seems more confident than ever before.

Since revealing her new body, Molly has repeatedly demonstrated her confidence on social media. Last summer, she made headlines when she posed in a unique outfit with straps, prints and cutouts. Molly’s bold style change highlighted her slimmed-down figure. Many viewers praised her for her dramatic makeup, and she seemed very comfortable in her own skin in her more revealing image.

Molly often advertises Plexus products to her 90-day fiance fans. Although her advertising is controversial, she always looks confident, demonstrating her weight loss. The mother chooses form-fitting dresses, such as the tropical print dress she used to advertise the product in April. Molly exudes confidence in her advertising posts, emphasizing her slim waist and updating the image for her subscribers.

Molly’s Bathing Suit Moment

One of the boldest and most radiant images of Molly is associated with a photo shoot that she did with her eldest daughter Olivia Hopkins. Both women wowed fans with their self-confidence by posing in bright swimwear, as seen HERE. Molly looked especially elated when she was filming with her daughter after the two ladies reconciled after a feud. Many fans of the series “90 days of the groom” have noticed how happy Molly looks since she started her weight loss journey.