The 8 most powerful rap lines in K-pop


Look at the most famous rapper lines in K-pop, which is your favorite? K-pop is one of the most famous musical styles in the world, one of the characteristics of Korean pop is that it combines several striking elements that different audiences fall in love with.

Beyond being boy and girl bands that dance and sing, K-pop groups are designed for members to shine with their own star.

The K-pop artist preparation system is 360 degrees, as entertainment agencies are given singing, dancing, rap and other entertainment, but the members of each band have talents that complement each other.


  • The dance line: Made up of members who specialize in dance.
  • The vocal line: Made up of the members who specialize in singing.
  • The rap line: Made up of the members of a band that specialize in rap.

This time we present you the most iconic rapper lines in K-pop, these artists are characterized by the power of their voice, talent for production, composition and writing. What is your favorite rapper line?


The YG Entertainment group has always stood out for their songs with strength and a message of confidence, they are one of the most legendary K-pop groups.

BIGBANG’s rap line is made up of: T.O.P AND G-DRAGON.


BTS is one of the most popular groups, the concept of their music the beginning of their career was Hip-Hop, demonstrating their rebellious and rough side, with the passage of time their musical style changed, but their line of rappers is famous for his musical works and power on stage.

BTS’s rap line is made up of: RM, Suga and J-Hope.

Stray Kids

The boys of Stray Kids are a band that have won the hearts of the public, their musical style usually combines various tones that form their concept, the rapper line of Stray Kids is very complete, as its members compose and create unique tracks.

The rap line of Stray Kids is made up of: Bang Chan, Jisung and Chang Bin.

NCT 127

NCT is a project that several subunits launched by SM Entertainment and the style of the group NCT 127 has caught the attention of the public for their Hip Hop music.

NCT’s rap line is made up of: Taeyong, Mark, Yuta and Johnny.


GOT7 is famous for its musical productions, the JYP Entertainment band has one of the most complete rap lines in K-pop. The GOT7 rap line is made up of: Bam Bam, Jackson and Mark.


EXO has been in the K-pop industry for many years, currently his rap line has a sub-unit where they promote their projects together.

EXO’s rap line is made up of: Chanyeol and Sehun.


MONSTA X’s rap line is made up of: Jooheon and IM, they have collaborated together on different songs, demonstrating their chemistry on stage and in the recording studio, MONSTA X’s line rap is very popular for its dedication and artistic skills. .


ATEEZ’s line rap is made up of: Hongjoong and Mingi, both idols of the group have fused their talents to represent the rap line of their K-pop group.

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